The basement decoration should be moisture-proof

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Basement decoration should be moisture-proof

nowadays, many high-rise buildings in the city will build basements. With the rise of house prices, the tight property market and the increasing urban population, the basement is no longer just a simple storage room. Some people are used for living, some for entertainment, some for office, and some for running small shops &hellip& hellip; However, the biggest problem of the basement: closure and humidity, has been bothering many people. The author hereby reminds that materials with moisture-proof effect must be selected before moisture-proof decoration

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after selecting moisture-proof materials, first, set up a moisture-proof course on the decoration of the outer wall, first plaster a 20mm thick cement mortar on the outer surface of the wall, then apply a layer of cold primer oil and two layers of hot asphalt, and then backfill low permeability soil on the outer side of the moisture-proof course, and compact it layer by layer

as for the interior wall, you can choose extruded board, which is installed on the wall in the form of interlayer. This can not only prevent moisture, but also have a very good sound insulation effect, which is very suitable for cinema rooms

secondly, ceiling materials, especially plywood or aluminum gusset plate, are not recommended for ceiling treatment, because these materials have poor moisture-proof effect. Light moisture-proof gypsum can be used to make uneven boards on the surface and install them on the ceiling. This is not only moisture-proof, but also not easy to cause reflection. At the same time, it will not reduce the actual height of the room. It is important to save money. The uneven ceiling is very effective in suppressing excessive indoor reverberation and high frequency, and also plays a certain diffusion function

thirdly, it is better not to use wood floors to lay the basement floor, because wood boards not only cannot prevent moisture, but also are prone to moisture, which will eventually lead to floor deformation. If wood boards must be used, it is best to use wood frames to make the ground into a hollow layer with an increase of 30 cm, and then place a whole piece of thicker oil paper under the split wood frame structure, and finally lay a wooden floor on it. One way to save money and time is to let the installer lay a layer of floor tiles on the surface after making a waterproof layer on the ground, and finally lay a thick carpet on the surface of the floor tiles




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