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Unveiling the "dark curtain" of decoration, the decorators earned a lot of money by flickering.

in the past week, the series of reports of "freeloader" of decoration companies have skills have aroused strong repercussions among the general public. With the increasing number of clues provided by enthusiastic citizens, our understanding of the "black curtain" of decoration has gradually deepened. The reader Mr. Zhang reported that in the process of decoration, from bricklayers, electricians to carpenters and painters, they always casually or inadvertently recommended one kind or another of raw materials to him, which made Mr. Zhang vaguely uneasy in the decoration. After the reporter's in-depth investigation, the decoration industry in the "rebate" driven, everywhere "under the cover", it is impossible to prevent. Mr. Zhang is likely to encounter "big deception"

in front of the stage: the plank road is built clearly to lead you into the urn

Scene 1: as soon as the bricklayer finishes his work, Xiao Li and Xiao Huang make a deal to buy the floor. The floor market has taken a big circle, and the couple have four or five brands of floors. After contacting several decorators for a few days, Xiao Li and Xiao Huang really treated them as friends and even relatives, so when discussing which brand of flooring to buy, Xiao Li specially opened a package of "Zhonghua" and invited several decorators to discuss together. For the floors of these four or five brands, the decorators' attitude was very sincere. They talked about the strengths and weaknesses of each floor. Finally, Xiao Li decided on the brand in combination with everyone's pertinent opinions. Little did I know that Xiao Li had been set up at this time. (Chinese Editor)

Scene 2: just after the key was issued, Mr. Hou hurried to see the house. It happened that the downstairs was being decorated. Looking at the sweaty decorators working hard, Mr. Hou sincerely invited a painter to help look at his own materials. "Alas, the house is so good that you should use good paint." The painter threw out a habitual opening speech. The praised Mr. Hou was happy and asked happily, "what kind of paint is better?" The painter said without hesitation that all the five brands of paint are well-known in the market of our city. You can choose one of them. At the same time, he also left a contact number for Mr. Hou and promised to guarantee the minimum wage when decorating. Mr. Hou was very fond of the enthusiastic decorator and decided to buy the paint now and work at his house as soon as the master finished. In fact, Mr. Hou was also trapped

Scene 3: Mr. Wang, who is afraid of decorators playing "tricky", carries forward the style of "not afraid of hardship and fatigue", and almost all raw materials are purchased in the market in person. This is not true. Mr. Wang took the list written by the decorator to the market to buy Blockboard. When the blockboard was finished, the timber seller enthusiastically helped Mr. Wang introduce a "relative" who sold door locks and sold seven door locks at the lowest price. When buying locks, Mr. Wang did see a lock buyer, who spent 15 yuan more on each lock than himself. For this reason, Mr. Wang also specially thanked the timber merchant. At this time, Mr. Wang has actually been "fooled" by others, and he needs to add "thank you"

behind the scenes: secretly crossing Chencang's knife to see the red

Scene 1: the next day, Mr. and Mrs. Li, who have made a brand, are on their way to the floor shop. The flooring dealer received a call from the decorator, including the home address of Mr. and Mrs. Li, the number of square meters of floor required, and the most important thing is to agree on a commission of 12 yuan per square meter of floor. Mr. and Mrs. Li arrived at the store. Although the owner promised that "the price is negotiable" and changed it to "there is really no way, no matter how low it is, it can't be sold", they finally traded at a discount of 2 yuan per square meter. That afternoon, the decorator appeared in the store and took a commission of 12 yuan per square meter. "If Commission is not involved, the floor can be at least 10 yuan cheaper per square meter." The floor trader revealed to reporters that although the owners who use labor and materials for home decoration are much less, the rebate to the decorators has never been less than a penny, and the water is rising. The total price of the 100 square meter floor of Xiao Li's house is 7500 yuan, of which 1200 yuan was given to the decorator. With this money, we could have bought a better floor

Scene 2: according to the five brands recommended by the painter, Mr. Hou chose a good brand to advertise on CCTV. Although the price of nearly 800 yuan per barrel is slightly expensive, it is a national famous brand with guaranteed quality. It has a good reputation among Anshan people, and it is still clearly priced. On the fourth day after Mr. Hou bought the paint, Mr. Hou officially started using the painter to work for his family. That afternoon, the painter called the paint shop and confirmed the number and model of barrels of paint Mr. Hou bought. So in the paint shop warehouse, the painter and other community workers lined up and took a commission of 80 yuan per barrel like a salary. According to an insider, the phenomenon of kickbacks in the paint industry is very common. Where there are almost buying and selling behaviors, there are traps

then Scene 3: after looking at the bill of materials in Mr. Wang's hand, the carpenter already knows which carpenter's handwriting it is. Therefore, no matter how carefully Mr. Wang bargained, the rebate for the decoration carpenter had long been available. Not only that, the relationship between Timber Merchants and painters, locksmiths and hardware merchants is also very delicate. Their mutual "Introduction" is another dark curtain of decoration. The more sincere the customer is, the more determined he wants to buy. The more ruthless he is to hold the "kill" knife over the customer's head. According to industry insiders, the relevant departments have been renovating the above-mentioned dark scenes of decoration for a long time, but they have not been able to find a solution from the root. It is much more difficult than we thought to deal with the black curtain of decoration





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