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Taizhou isowell company regularly visits the international wardrobe exhibition to investigate the international consumption trend, and has developed products that meet the actual consumption of all regions. Now it has six series: overall wardrobe, cloakroom, wine cabinet room, multifunctional home, sliding door and kitchen cabinet

Taizhou isoville household products Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale furniture customization enterprise authorized by the British isoville household brand to produce, sell and serve in China. Her core members in product design, research and development, brand building and other aspects are all from well-known designers and senior technical R & D personnel in the British wardrobe industry. With the tenet of "rigorous attitude and considerate service", we strictly control every production process to provide high-quality household products and supporting services for domestic consumers. Taizhou isoville company regularly visits the international wardrobe exhibition to investigate the international consumption trend, and develops products that are suitable for local consumption. The production takes Europe as the standard, and the equipment adopts one German automatic Haomai production line and one Nanxing automatic customized wardrobe production line. It has the core technology of integral wardrobe and sliding door, and six series of integral wardrobe, cloakroom, wine closet, multifunctional home, sliding door and kitchen cabinet. Its wardrobe structure and style are professionally designed. The panel main body has 9 mm, 18mm, 25mm ecological boards, multilayer boards and particle boards, which are firm and solid in structure, beautiful in appearance, and not easy to deform, crack and moth. The edges of high polished PVC are sealed around, and the material adopts high simulation wood grain veneer, with a very clear texture. In terms of materials, auxiliary materials, design and production quality, the concept of green, production design conceptualization and quality first is accompanied throughout the whole process:

first, investigate the raw material manufacturers on the spot, ensure the first-hand procurement of formal large factories, and ensure the environmental protection grade of products E0. Raw material samples are often sent to the Zhejiang forest product quality inspection station of the national wood testing Union for regular inspection, and the formaldehyde emission is strictly in accordance with international standards

second, the selection and assembly of product accessories are mainly environmental friendly glue and metal fixation, and try to replace chemical glue with reliable and stable green vegetable glue

third, the product design should consider the assembly relationship in addition to the fashionable shape, and try to minimize the splicing without glue; In the research and design of solid wood wardrobe, we try to replace screws and glue fixation with traditional Chinese mortise splicing style, so as to make the products more stable and healthy while inheriting culture

IV. product environmental requirements: raw materials entering the factory and products leaving the factory should be placed in a well ventilated space to avoid secondary pollution with other objects containing formaldehyde and harmful substances

v. link the design software with the program-controlled equipment. Isoville has applied modern digital program control technology to design and production, and the efficiency ratio has increased significantly. For example, the designer of the company used the square and round software to design and link with the electronic saw, which is the production equipment in the workshop. In the past, the production of each pusher saw shift was about 70 square meters, while the production of each pusher saw shift linked with the electronic saw using the design software reached more than 200 square meters, which greatly improved the labor productivity

VI. establish an effective quality monitoring system, strictly control every production process, and carefully do every product. For example, the diagonal deviation can be controlled within 0.5mm

isowell has its own code of conduct

every product made by isowell wardrobe adheres to the principle of "paying equal attention to environmental protection and quality", selects the highest environmental protection standard materials, checks the quality level by level, and makes every product well. It won the "most growing brand" in the 2015 household industry distribution Department survey, "2014 'innovation responsibility' annual quality award of China's wardrobe industry" and "2014 top 100 enterprises in China's customized household industry". At the same time, it is also the executive director of the furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and the co editor of the 2012 white paper on consumption in China's wardrobe industry

since there is no accurate industry standard in China's home furnishing market, many enterprises have completely different materials, specifications, services, etc., resulting in customers not getting enough right to know and satisfactory services when purchasing products. Isoville wardrobe adheres to: what we sell is not only products, but also our 100% service, giving consumers the right to know, the right to choose and humanistic care. Isoville brand is gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, accompanied by the whole process, and considerate service is our constant passion

isoville pre-sales service. When you enter isoville, our salesperson will explain some household materials, environmental standards and specific specifications to you. Isoville has always been customer-centered, so that customers can buy environmentally friendly and durable household products. Now the environmental protection of household products has become a major factor for customers to choose furniture. Therefore, our salesperson will tell customers the specific details of the home, including how to maintain the home

during sale service of isowell. When some interested customers decide to buy isowell products, our designers will understand the specific needs of customers, make some suggestions according to the actual situation of customers, and pursue the design as perfect and appropriate as possible. Isoville has always regarded fine workmanship as a major focus of the company to achieve customer satisfaction

after sales service of isowell. The after-sales service of isowell wardrobe is also very perfect. It is user-centered. If there is a problem with the product, you can consult isowell. Whether it is our problem or not, we will deal with it in time. This is the service of isoville. Isoville has always been aiming at "no perfect products, but 100% service" and providing considerate services to the majority of isoville customers





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