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External wall flexible putty powder is a kind of high-quality external wall leveling material mixed with heavy calcium, white cement and organic additives. The product has the characteristics of white, exquisite, good workability, high strength, good water resistance and cracking resistance

putty powder is indispensable as the basis of decoration. Putty powder is a green environmental protection building material without toxic gas. It can be divided into exterior wall putty powder and interior wall putty powder according to different uses. It is suitable for the construction of cement walls, gypsum boards, composite boards and other walls. What is exterior wall putty powder? Exterior wall putty powder has strong adhesion, permeability and excellent water resistance. So what is the difference between interior wall and exterior wall putty powder

what is exterior wall putty powder

exterior wall putty powder is finely processed with inorganic cementitious materials as the base material, combined with bonding materials and other additives. Its outstanding characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, alkali resistance and good construction performance. As a surface leveling material for outdoor buildings, it can be used once and for all. It avoids cracking, blistering, chalking and falling off

application method of putty powder for external walls

1. The base course should be solid, clean, roughly flat, and free of open water. The strength of the base course should be greater than or close to the strength of the putty

2. The base course with strong water absorption should be sealed with clean water or diluted Lyons interface treatment agent first, and then applied with putty after wetting

3. The newly plastered cement wall should be puttying after the curing period

4. Stir evenly according to the proportion of putty powder: water = 1:0.5, stand for 10 ~ 20 minutes and stir evenly again

5. Use a steel scraper or spatula to scrape regularly. The scraping times should not be too many, and strive to be uniform and flat, without leaving traces of intersecting joints

6. The thickness of batch scraping is 0.8 ~ 1.5mm, and the dosage is 1 ~ 1.5kg/㎡. Generally, it survives twice

difference between interior wall and exterior wall putty powder

I. interior wall putty powder

1 Inner wall putty powder is a one component special putty powder for inner wall refined from high molecular polymer, methyl fiber ether and other raw materials. It has the characteristics of good firmness, bonding strength and good waterproof ability. It is suitable for high-end halls, conference centers and high-end places that need to prevent the influence of water seepage on the outer wall

2. Features: the wall surface with putty powder fiber on the inner wall can be cleaned with water, without ash and falling off, and without slight impact

3 Usage: mix the putty powder with water for about 10 minutes to form a paste putty, and then stand still. After 5 minutes, it can be scraped on the wall. Generally, it is scraped twice. When the second time is scraped, it can only be scraped after the first wall is dry. After drying, it shall be polished with sandpaper in time. After leveling, the dust on the whole wall shall be removed, and the emulsion paint can be applied after it is slightly dry

4. Safety and stability: it is non-toxic in normal state or high temperature decomposition, and has high chemical stability

II. Exterior wall putty powder

1 The exterior wall putty powder is made of imported high molecular polymer redispersible rubber powder, mixed with methyl fiber ether, modified starch ether, crack resistant fiber (3% of the weight ratio of putty powder mixture), and other raw materials. It has strong resistance to the micro cracks of the wall, and has good viscosity, impermeability, reliability, non shrinkage and other characteristics

2. Features: the putty powder produced by our factory has good crack resistance, which greatly saves the maintenance cost of the overall strength surface

3. Usage: add water to mix the putty powder of the external wall into a paste and let it stand for 5 minutes, and then apply it on the wall. Generally, the thickness should not exceed 2-3mm. According to different requirements, apply it in one to three times to increase its thickness

4. Precautions: due to the good water retention capacity of the exterior wall putty powder, it can slow down the solidification and avoid the occurrence of early drying shrinkage cracks. Therefore, it should be noted during construction that the operation of the second layer must be carried out after the first layer is completely dry. The construction environment temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees, and construction cannot be carried out in rainy days

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