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Thermal expansion and cold contraction are problems that will be encountered in summer and winter decoration. The characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction of decoration materials and the possible material deformation and cracks caused by temperature changes must be considered in summer decoration

ceramic tiles on bedrooms have a unique style

in modern home decoration, ceramic tiles are more and more widely used, playing an irreplaceable role in beautifying space with other materials. The curves, large and small, scattered and even full of charm, provide a great imagination space for shaping spiritual space and revealing personality style; The ever-changing colors make the living environment more colorful, showing the owner's preferences and tastes

for a long time, the flat and straight "block" shape of ceramic tiles has constrained its ability to further expand the space. From the initial cleaning function to the later beautification function, we often pay attention to the function of ceramic tiles and more or less ignore the publicity of ceramic tiles' personality style and the creation of a warm atmosphere. The square appearance makes people feel dull and dead, lacking a kind of spirituality and personality flying vitality of passion. Especially in modern urban life, after a day of intense and busy work, when I came home, I couldn't completely relax and rest my body and mind in the face of the space like a fire box and the horizontal, straight and rigid walls and ground, so that my mood couldn't return to calm as soon as possible. However, now it's different. People with strong artistic temperament can choose ――

Art Jigsaw Puzzle: put together fun

in addition to the traditional square and rectangular geometric pattern tiles, Art Jigsaw tiles show their personality with their unique charm. The biggest advantage of this puzzle is that it breaks the neat and uniform straight-line appearance of ceramic tiles. Its pattern is designed by computer. It is made of high-grade vitrified bricks cut by a water knife. The curve is round, soft and natural, such as a slender woman or a graceful young woman, looking forward to life and brilliance. Whether it is classical series, flower series, animal series or beauty series, they are rich in content and varied, adding charm and movement to the tiles, playing the role of painting the dragon and brightening the day, making the dead ground and wall suddenly become vivid, full of personality and romantic atmosphere

in modern home decoration, you might as well choose an artistic jigsaw tile between the floor of the living room and the dining room. If the floor is larger, you can choose a larger jigsaw, and if the floor is smaller, you can choose a smaller jigsaw. The most important thing is to integrate and match with the color and style of the floor tile, so as to achieve the effect of both prominent theme and integration. In addition, on the cultural wall of the living room, the wall of the dining room and the wall of the bathroom, you can also inlay a color jigsaw puzzle according to your preferences, which not only beautifies the wall, but also adds interest to the room, appearing elegant and full of vitality

of course, art is not only shape, but also color. It can even be said that ―

color change: colorful theme

color is always the theme of ceramic tile change. In the past, the floor tiles were mostly white series, and various colored geometric patterns were printed on the white glaze. Although the patterns and colors of this kind of tiles were variable and colorful, its white tone always made the floor appear pale and single. In recent years, the color of ceramic tiles has made greater breakthroughs and development. From the Golden Flower Beige series that swept the country in the past two years, to the later crystal glaze series, imitation stone series, wood grain series, flash glaze series, matte series, ceramic tile color fashion series, etc., the color application of ceramic tiles has been brought into full play, providing personalized products of different styles for consumers at different levels and with different preferences, Show fashion style and taste

in the face of a wide range of ceramic tiles, we must master the choice and collocation of colors: beige series floor tiles will always be the main color of the living room floor, so that the room has a magnificent nobility and elegance; The color of stone grain is also a good choice, which is not only simple and natural, but also thick and rich in connotation; The earth and terra cotta series of floor tiles are paved on the floor of the living room and dining room, which can make people feel the pleasure and comfort of the pastoral style; The blue and green series of wall and floor tiles are easy to associate with the deep and vast sky and the natural scenery of the grassland; The red series of floor tiles make the ground look very special, with a beautiful feeling; Grey series floor tiles have more cultural taste and natural customs; The contrast between black and white can increase the sense of hierarchy and structure of the ground; Warm color walls and floors can create a warm atmosphere in the room, while cold color walls and floors make people feel a cool and cool from the ocean; Plain, white, gray and other light colors appear simple, suitable for rooms with poor lighting; Dark colors such as black, red, and yellow are thick and suitable for rooms with better lighting

whether the color selection and collocation are correct or not is related to the overall effect and decorative taste of the whole room space. In addition, the matching of the color of ceramic tiles with the walls, furniture, window decorations, fabric art and stickers is also crucial. Only with harmony and unity can you show your unique charm and taste, so that you can enjoy life in your own space





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