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Ningbo discusses the mode of combining work and study to promote the employment of college and technical secondary school recently, the personnel department of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and related universities and joint enterprises held a seminar in Zhejiang textile and clothing vocational and technical college to discuss how to jointly promote the employment of college and technical secondary school graduates in the mode of combining work and study in combination with the yidais Tianjiu mode

in fact, there is a prominent phenomenon in the current graduate employment market, that is, overseas returnees and graduate students compete to occupy the positions of undergraduates before the experiment, while undergraduates occupy the positions of college and technical secondary school students. The result is that college and technical secondary school students bear the greatest pressure of employment competition, and the employment situation is the most severe

it is understood that the Yidai Tianjiu model is a talent training model of work study combination and work study program established in response to the State Council's efforts to promote the training model of work study combination and school enterprise cooperation and the requirements of gradually establishing and improving the part-time work study system. Since 2006, Zhejiang rufel textile fiber textile coarse textile clothing profession has increased as much as we say. The packaging technology and design major of yidaisi College of technology has carried out school enterprise cooperation with Ningbo Tianjiu Printing Co., Ltd. depending on the busy production situation, the enterprise provides internships for students in their spare time, while the school arranges work study programs for students in busy times. Through zero distance teaching, the two sides jointly train students in various aspects such as materials, structure and printing technology, promote enterprise product R & D ability and students' process design skills in practice, and achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises

it is reported that this model has achieved good results in training talents and ensuring employment. Over the past three years, more than 90 compound professional designers who understand both packaging design and printing technology have been successfully cultivated through this mode, and the employment situation is extremely ideal. Among them, the first-time employment rate of the students of 2008 in this major reached 100% and the signing rate reached 96%. At the same time, in recent years, teachers and students have won awards in various competitions, such as the third prize in the second China practical teaching competition, the first prize in the national safety production cartoon competition, and three national excellent graduation design awards for higher vocational colleges

this mode was unanimously affirmed and supported by the participants in the seminar. Luxiyu, enterprise representative and general manager of Ningbo Tianjiu printing company, believes that it is the duty of entrepreneurs to accept college students for internship in enterprises, whether from the perspective of national education, local development or enterprise development

gujinfei, deputy director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of personnel, said that promoting the employment of college students with rising oil temperature is a livelihood project. The combination of work and study and the cooperation between schools and enterprises are the mutually beneficial and win-win options for schools and enterprises. We should actively sum up experience and explore various effective cooperation methods to promote the employability of graduates

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