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Henan Hebi Zhejiang Pingyang Cangnan green packaging industry project symposium was successfully held on December 2, the conference on the 12th floor of Zhejiang Pingyang Aojiang Shimao Regal Hotel was able to regulate the room at will, and the Henan Hebi Zhejiang Pingyang Cangnan green packaging industry project symposium was grandly held here. 78 businessmen from 69 packaging enterprises including China Fukang packaging, China nansu group and Zhejiang Huazhong Plastics Co., Ltd. attended the meeting, including 9 leading Chinese packaging enterprises. Vice mayor mafangjian attended the meeting

at the meeting, on behalf of Hebi municipal government, vice mayor mafangjian first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the entrepreneurs attending the meeting, and focused on introducing the construction of "three bases" and major industries of our city. Chenhaiyan, director of the municipal investment promotion office, introduced in detail the city's ideas, plans and projects for developing green packaging industry and building China's green packaging industry base, so that all entrepreneurs have a deeper understanding of the city's basic market conditions and the six advantages of building China (Hebi) green packaging industry base

during the meeting, municipal leaders had a warm exchange with merchants. Compared with them, Mr. Chen Junxue, chairman of Yang packaging Association, chairman of Zhejiang Huazhong plastic industry company, Mr. Lin zengbiao, chairman of Cangnan Packaging Association, chairman of China nansu group and Mr. Chen Xinze, general manager of China Fukang packaging group, gave a passionate speech on behalf of the entrepreneurs attending the meeting. They thought that the investment environment in Hebi City was very good, With many favorable conditions for building a green packaging base, it is their first choice for industrial transfer and project investment. At the meeting, they also consulted on construction land, preferential policies and financial credit support. Vice mayor mafangjian answered the questions raised by the entrepreneurs in detail one by one, relieved some of the entrepreneurs' concerns, and enhanced their confidence and determination to invest in Hebi. Businessmen said they would visit Hebi as soon as possible

this symposium was the first special promotion activity held in coastal areas around the construction of China (Hebi) green packaging base. After careful preparation, the symposium was a complete success. First, the number of entrepreneurs participating in the symposium exceeded the expected plan, reaching nearly 80, and some uninvited enterprises also came. Second, the entrepreneurs are very interested in the recommended packaging industry project, which produces the plastic material of Meilan 3 with lower density and higher strength than in the past. They are interested in going to Hebi for in-depth investigation and cooperation as soon as possible. Third, it publicized Hebi and improved the level and level of cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises. This meeting attracted the attention of some well-known packaging enterprises, and made them know more about Hebi. Hebi, a beautiful business card, was displayed in front of the experimental machine and its fixture and measuring system, which must not be affected by the surface oxide pollution of hot rolled samples. It expanded the impact of the construction of "China (Hebi) green packaging industry base". This activity also provided a good platform for investment promotion in a wider field

reprinted from: People's Government of Hebi City, Henan Province

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