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Discussion on green packaging and active packaging (Part I)

with the rapid development of China's economy, the packaging industry has also developed rapidly. It can be said that the prosperity of commodity economy is inseparable from the development of packaging industry

however, with the advancement of China's urbanization process, the phenomenon of "garbage besieging the city" is becoming more and more serious. Garbage can be seen everywhere in roads, streets, along railways, enterprises and institutions, tourist attractions, etc. There is a mountain of garbage, mostly packaging garbage. A lot of garbage is piled up in the suburbs of the city, occupying more and more land and polluting the environment. On the one hand, the packaging industry has made great contributions to economic development; On the other hand, it also pollutes the environment. Because nearly half of the waste is packaging materials, many are difficult to decay and recycle; In addition, many packaging materials release a large amount of chlorine, fluorine, hydrocarbons and other gases in the production process, destroying the ozone layer and causing the greenhouse effect

1 green packaging

with the deepening of human activities to utilize and transform nature, the impact of human activities on the environment is also increasing. The consumption of resources and the discharge of wastes exceed the earth's regeneration and self purification ability. The earth's resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the global environmental pollution and ecological damage are intensifying. In order to protect the common homeland of mankind through analysis, the voice of paying attention to and developing green packaging is growing. Green packaging is an appropriate packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development in the whole product life cycle. Green packaging must comply with the principle of "4r1d", which generally has five connotations: implementing packaging reduction; The package shall be easy to reuse; Easy to recover; Easy to recycle. The purpose of reuse can be achieved by means of recycling, restoration, purification treatment, etc., and by measures such as producing recycled products, burning and utilizing heat energy, and composting to improve soil. Finally, packaging waste can be degraded, which will not form permanent waste

1.1 main ways to realize green packaging

1.1.1 vigorously promote the use and encourage the research and development of green materials

green packaging is the development direction of the packaging industry. To achieve green packaging, we must start from the source and try to use green materials. Common green materials include degradable plastic, paper, bamboo, glass, metal, edible materials, etc. These are traditional packaging materials. With the development of high and new technology, many countries have developed many new green packaging materials. For example, the United States uses soybean protein, added enzymes and other treatment agents to make soybean protein packaging film for food packaging, which can maintain good moisture, prevent the entry of oxygen, and can be cooked together with food. China has also developed biodegradable plastic PHB (polyalkyl butyrate) and so on

1.1.2 pay attention to the recycling, reuse and regeneration of packaging materials

the reuse of packaging can save resources, such as promoting the use of glass bottles for the packaging of beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. PET beverage bottles and PC milk bottles popular in some European countries can be reused for more than 20 times

1.1.3 carry out green engineering education and cultivate citizens' awareness of environmental protection

vigorously publicize the environmental protection significance of green packaging. Protecting the environment is the obligation of every citizen, and constantly improve people's awareness of environmental protection and the ideological realm of benefiting generations. The designer must investigate the specific requirements of the international market for environmental protection packaging. It is better to use oil according to the requirements of the instructions, such as the laws and regulations of the importing country on environmental protection packaging, consumers' awareness of environmental protection, green organization activities, and the development trend of environmental protection packaging, so as to fully consider these factors in the packaging design. In addition, in the packaging design, we should also consider highlighting the signs of environmental protection marketing to express the unique environmental quality of a certain commodity, so as to obtain the favorable impression of consumers and achieve the purpose of expanding marketing. Through education and guidance, enhance consumers' green consumption concept, create a green packaging market atmosphere, and continuously develop green technology and green industry

1.1.4 actively implement relevant laws, regulations and standards, give preference to green packaging in policy, actively guide enterprises to develop, produce and use green packaging materials, give certain preferential policies, and take certain punishment measures for violations. The government should strengthen incentives for green packaging enterprises, and give preferential policies in project approval, market access, taxation, credit, etc. Many countries restrict or impose mandatory supervision and management on the packaging materials of imported goods in the form of laws and regulations. The packaging materials of exported goods can only be allowed to be imported into the importing country if they meet the regulations of the importing country, otherwise the customs of the importing country will not release them. According to the ISO14000 environmental management system international standard, any country can refuse to import the products that do not meet the standard, so that the products that do not meet the standard are excluded from international trade. There are few kinds of environmental labeling products in China, which is far from meeting the needs of the development of foreign trade. Only by following this international trend and adopting positive and effective means to catch up, can China's foreign trade interests be fundamentally protected

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