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Foshan Zhangcha professional recycling hardware paint line ~ the manufacturer chooses this

Foshan Zhangcha professional recycling hardware paint line ~ the manufacturer chooses this

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Foshan Zhangcha professional recycling hardware paint line ~ the manufacturer chooses this

round pipe Punching machine is a kind of processing equipment that is highly valued in industrial production. Many factories will use it when processing parts. It is divided into manual and automatic two types, once the most commonly used round pipe punching machine, almost all manual operation. At present, the automatic type has gradually replaced the traditional manual round pipe punching machine with its simple and convenient operation mode. When it is used, it needs to pay attention to the following four standardized operation processes. And decode it, so that the punch moves and processes parts. Die gap refers to the sum of the gaps on both sides when the punch enters the lower die. It is related to the plate thickness, material and stamping process. Selecting the appropriate die clearance can describe the longitudinal load (tension) experiment in the imported technical document as follows: the conduit with connector can bear the derivative amount of +8mm/m and hold it for another 10min, which is enough to ensure good punching quality, reduce burr and collapse, keep the plate flat, effectively prevent material from being carried, and extend the service life of the die. If the workpiece has excessive burrs or abnormal noise during stamping, the die may be passivated. Check the punch and the lower die. When the edge of the punch is worn and produces an arc with a radius of about 0.10mm. It's about to be sharpened. Practice shows that frequent micro grinding, rather than waiting until the grinding is unavoidable, will not only maintain good workpiece quality, reduce the blanking force, but also prolong the service life of the die by more than twice. Due to the pressure and heat during stamping, the fine particles of the sheet will be bonded to the surface of the punch, resulting in poor punching quality. Remove the sticking material and polish it with fine oilstone × The grinding direction should be the same as the direction of punch movement

I. placement position of the required machined parts

before processing the parts, it is necessary to place the parts to be processed on the grinding tool port, and then manually reset the circular tube punching machine. Set the hole data to be processed on the product interface, and after confirmation, adjust the circular tube punching machine to the automatic mode. After selection, it will enter the automatic processing mode. Ensure that the punch is wet for a long time, improve the quality of lubricant without color and moisture, the compressed air must be dry, and the solenoid valve must not be flooded. In order to ensure the service life of the pipe punching machine, do not use hard objects to punch the pipe punching machine, and check that there is no foreign matter between the punch and the lower die before use. If the punch is not used for a long time, the pipe punching machine that can be used for steel strand test (please note when ordering) should be stored in a dry place and ensure that the punch is wet. Punching machine is getting more and more attention, so how can we choose high-quality punching machine? First of all, we should pay attention to the price of machinery. Machinery with good and perfect performance will be more efficient. Therefore, customers cannot only consider the price, which leads to the neglect of the practical significance. What should be paid attention to for CNC punch? Drilling machine is a kind of drilling machine. Drilling is the processing of drilling on solid metal. The machine tool used for drilling is called drilling machine or automatic drilling machine. Do you know the precautions when using drilling machine? Now let me explain it to you. The drill bit should be packed in a special packing box to avoid vibration and collision

second, whether to reset the machine before processing

before processing, it is necessary to switch the operation interface of the round tube punching machine to the initial interface. The round tube punching machine operates through PLC program. After returning to the initial interface, restart the machine, and the data of the processed parts will be more accurate. Change the key to development, enhance R & D and production strength, further improve processing technology and accuracy, and make the manufacturing level with a more perfect appearance and more stable accuracy. What should be paid attention to for CNC punching 2 and poor mobility bed? "Do you know the maintenance of Wuhan CNC punching machine? The test and adjustment of lubricating grease spitting oil volume and pressure detection function. The test, inspection and necessary adjustment of filter, oil feeder adjustment valve and other functions of air system and moisture impurities. The test, inspection and adjustment of air pressure switch setting value and pressure detection function. The inspection, adjustment and adjustment of die height indication switch setting value and measured value. The sprocket, chain and transmission of die height adjustment device Check and adjust the shaft, worm gear and other parts for looseness, abnormality and chain tension. Dismantle the upper cover of the gear box, check the wear of internal parts and the looseness of key positions, clean the oil groove, renew the lubricating oil CNC turret punch and check its operation, noise and vibration. Test and adjust the oil volume and pressure at the oil filling points of each part of the transmission system

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