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Classification and application of crushers

crushers, as the name suggests, are used to process items that are not easy to crush and break them. One of the main products produced by Shanyou heavy industry is crushing equipment. There are mainly five types of crushers produced by Shanyou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.: jaw crusher, impact crusher and spring cone crusher. They are ideal sample cooling and insulation equipment type, single cylinder cone crusher and composite crusher in addition to the low temperature impact test of metal materials in Fritz Haber Institute

jaw crusher is more suitable for processing various ores or large objects into medium-sized fragments, and can be used as the first process of many small processing. Its crushing limit is an article with a compressive strength of 320MPa, which can be used in many industries such as road construction and water conservancy construction

compared with jaw crusher, impact crusher is more suitable for crushing smaller particles, that is, the particle size is not greater than 500mm, but it can crush many materials with a compressive strength of 360MPa that cannot be crushed by jaw crusher, and the crushing degree is larger, more thorough and more efficient, which can be used as the subsequent processing equipment of jaw crusher

both spring cone crusher and single cylinder cone crusher belong to cone crusher, and their working principles are basically similar. Conical crushing refers to the deformation and fragmentation of ore and other materials under the action of repeated extrusion, collision and distortion by centrifugal force in its cavity through the high-speed rotation of the motor. Conical crushing is divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, which can be selected according to different needs

compared with the above three, composite crushing is more efficient and direct. It can directly crush materials with particle size between 450mm~1000mm to less than 8mm without blocking and jamming. Therefore, composite crushing can be used in the links of grinding materials in various industries, such as packaging, automobile The demand for plastics in agriculture, construction and other fields is increasing day by day, and various materials with low humidity with compressive strength of 200MPa and Mohs hardness of grade 7-1 narrow the difference

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