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Classification and characteristics of Baling Machines and strapping machines

in today's society, product packaging is still mainly in the form of strapping: strapping machines, also known as Baling Machines, have many forms, and it is difficult to correctly purchase corresponding products without understanding the nature of the equipment. Strapping machines are mainly divided into: full-automatic baling machine, semi-automatic baling machine, portable baling machine, steel belt strapping machine, paper belt baling machine, etc; Qingdao Hairui summarizes the characteristics of the following products based on years of experience for the reference of customers who do not know the binding form. Strapping machine is a machine that uses strapping belts to bind packages and complete strapping operations. Strapping is to prevent the scattering and loss of items and facilitate transportation and storage. Strapping machines are widely used in almost all industries

there are many varieties, types and specifications of strapping machines, which can generally be classified in the following ways:

(1) classification by strapping materials

① plastic belt strapping machine. It is a binding machine for medium and small weight packing cases. The plastic used is strictly forbidden to be used for the inspection of human body or animals. The material belt is mainly polypropylene belt, but also nylon belt, polyester belt, etc

② steel belt strapping machine. It uses steel strip as binding material. Because of its high strength, it is mainly used for heavy and large packing cases

(2) classification according to joint mode

① fusion binding machine. Because plastic belts are easy to heat and melt, they are mostly suitable for plastic belt joints. According to different heating methods, it can be divided into electrothermal welding, ultrasonic welding, high-frequency welding, pulse welding, etc

② buckle binding machine. It adopts a special buckle joint to clamp and embed the joint of the binding belt, which is mostly used for steel belt

(3) classification according to structural characteristics

① basic strapping machine. It is a strapping machine suitable for various industries, and its table height is suitable for standing operation. It is mostly used in bundling. Small bags are the problem pieces of these accessories, such as cartons, calcium plastic boxes, books and periodicals, etc

② side strapping machine. The joint part of the binding belt is carried out on the side of the package, and the table top is low. It is suitable for binding large or polluting packages. If antirust treatment is added, aquatic products and pickled products can be bound; If dust-proof measures are taken, packages with more dust can be bundled

③ pressure strapping machine. For soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products and knitted cotton fabrics, in order to bind tightly, they must be pressed first and then bound. There are two pressurization methods: air pressure and hydraulic pressure

④ open and close the track strapping machine. Its belt track frame can be opened and closed in the horizontal or vertical direction to facilitate the placement of various cylindrical or annular packages, and then the track is closed and bound

⑤ horizontal track strapping machine. Its belt track is horizontally arranged to bind the packages horizontally. It is suitable for horizontal bundling of packages such as pallets

⑥ portable strapping machine. It is usually placed on the top of the package. When the belt surrounds the package for a circle, use the machine to tighten and lock the belt. It is operated manually, flexible and light

(4) classification according to the degree of automation

① manual strapping machine. Rely on manual operation to realize binding and locking, and use plastic belts to bind. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and light weight, and is suitable for binding packages with large volume or small batch

② semi automatic binding machine. Use the conveyor to send the package to the binding station, then wrap the belt around the package manually, and finally tighten and fix the belt. Its worktable is low, which is very suitable for the binding of large packages

③ automatic binding machine. There is a belt track frame above the workbench. When the package enters the binding station, it will automatically carry out the processes of belt feeding, winding, tightening, fixing and cutting with good heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and chemistry. The belt track frame of this machine is fixed, which is generally suitable for packaging with single size and large batch. When strapping, the moving and normal production of packages always hopes to achieve the highest speed as far as possible, and the realization of high production and steering needs to be carried out manually

④ automatic packer. This function can automatically complete all the predetermined binding processes without human operation and assistance, including the movement and steering of packages, which is suitable for the binding of large quantities of packages

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