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Classification and compilation methods of textile machinery product models

1. Types of products:

textile machinery products are divided into the following four categories according to their use nature and complexity:

1. Unit machine, which is also divided into the following two types:

a. host machine; b. Auxiliary machine (hereinafter referred to as auxiliary machine)

2. Combined machine

3. Common parts

4. Instruments, meters and devices

II. Compilation of unit machine model

1. The host machine model is composed of three parts: class number (divided by process category and fiber category), species number (divided by unit machine variety in process order) and sequence number

2. The class number indicates the type of the host, which is represented by two Chinese phonetic alphabets, such as FA for cotton spinning, GA for cotton weaving, Ma for cotton dyeing and finishing, FB for fine wool spinning, FN for coarse wool spinning, HS for acrylic fiber drawing equipment, etc. For the class number of equipment shared by more than two fibers, the class number of equipment mainly used for a certain fiber shall be adopted

3. The type number indicates the variety of the host, which is represented by two Arabic numerals (), and is arranged according to the sequence of processes. In the dyeing and finishing equipment, 00 refers to the gas singeing machine, 08 refers to the rope steam cooking and bleaching machine, 22 refers to the clip mercerizing machine, 31 refers to the continuous pad dyeing machine, and 53 refers to the eight color printing machine

4. The sequence number indicates the order of models issued by the host in the same variety, which is represented by one Arabic numeral

5. According to the provisions of Articles 3, 4 and 5, the type spectrum is listed by the Ministry for selection when issuing the hair number

6. The model of auxiliary machine is composed of the following four parts:

(1) represents the class number of various auxiliary machine categories

(2) indicates the fixed Chinese Pinyin word 'U' of the auxiliary machine

(3) indicates the type number of various auxiliary machines, which can also be used as sequence number

(4) indicates the serial number of the issued model, with one Arabic digit

III. The compilation of the combined machine model

1. The combined machine model is composed of the following four parts:

(1) represents the fixed Chinese phonetic alphabet 'l' of the combined machine

(2) indicates the class number of the combined machine category

(3) indicates the type number of the combined machine, using two Arabic numerals

(4) indicates the serial number of the issued model, with one Arabic digit

2. For auxiliary equipment, if PTT fiber raw material 1 has a combined machine in 2020, please refer to the compilation of auxiliary machines in Articles 7 and 8, and prefix it with the fixed code letter "L" of the combined machine

IV. the editing method of general parts models

1. General parts are divided into four categories: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and chemical fiber (including viscose and synthetic fiber)

2. The model of general-purpose parts is composed of the following four parts:

(1) represents the class number of general-purpose parts

(2) the fixed Chinese phonetic alphabet "t" for common parts

(3) indicates the type number of common parts, which can also be used as sequence number

(4) the serial number indicating the order of issuing models, with one Arabic numeral

v. compilation of instruments, meters and device models

the models of instruments, meters and devices are composed of the following three parts:

(1) represents the class number, the instruments used for laboratory testing are represented by the Chinese phonetic alphabet "YG", and the instruments and devices used for field testing on the machine are represented by "YH"

(2) indicates the species number, which is represented by two Arabic numerals

VI. compilation of breeding type product model

1. The most important type of products that is first designed according to a certain specification is called the basic type. On the basis of the basic type, some main structures have been changed and improved. The modified product type is called breeding type

2. The model of breeding type is the prefix of Chinese phonetic alphabet representing the meaning of breeding type after the model of basic type. Products of different varieties can use the same letter, and products of the same variety cannot use the same letter to avoid confusion. Example:

(1) the dryer with different heat sources of the printing and dyeing machine takes saturated steam as the basic type. 3 The test time is shortened, and the rest of the heat sources are breeding types. This year, when the national reserve and the crackdown on Mafia are strengthened, gas is represented by the letter M, propylene butane is represented by B, electric heating is represented by D, hot oil is represented by Y, gasoline vaporization is represented by Q, and superheated steam is represented by G

(2) if the medium-sized baler of cotton yarn is the basic type, its breeding type: Woolen baler n, sack baler C and canvas baler F

(3) the breeding type of container products formed only by different materials is represented by the phonetic alphabet of materials

3. If some equipment is designed and trial produced first, or there is no basic type, the breeding model is still handled according to Article 14

4. When the breeding type and model cannot be represented by the Chinese phonetic alphabet representing its meaning, it is represented by the sequence number a, B, c... add a for the first time, add B for the second time, add C for the third time... And so on, among which I, O, R, l should not be used to avoid misunderstanding

5. Considering the possibility of general use of cotton, wool, hemp, silk and other equipment, the structure and size of the product have been partially modified on the basis of the product type designed for a certain fiber to adapt to the use of other fibers, and the modified type also belongs to the breeding type. Its model is the basic type model followed by the Chinese phonetic alphabet representing its applicable fiber equipment model, with brackets. For example, when the cotton automatic winder is appropriately modified to meet the needs of silk fiber, its breeding type and model is ga191 (GD)

6. If the product model formed in articles 14 and 17 forms the breeding type according to Article 16, the letters a, B, C... Shall be written at the end. Take ma633m gas baking machine as an example. When it can only deal with the tension value alone and then develop the breeding type, its model is ma633ma

7. In order to meet the rationality and reality of manufacturing or use, some local structures, shapes, dimensions or materials of parts and components of the product are modified accordingly, but the main structure and overall dimensions of the product are not affected, and the improved model is still maintained

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