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Classification and application of commonly used machine tools

classification and application of commonly used machine tools:

I. boring machine

boring machine is suitable for plane milling and hole series processing of single piece or small batch production parts in machining workshop. The end of spindle box is designed with horizontal rotating disc radial tool rest, which can accurately boring holes and planes with large size. In addition, it can also be used for drilling, reaming and thread processing

II. Grinder

machine tools that use abrasive grinding tools (grinding wheels, abrasive belts, oilstones or abrasives, etc.) as tools to cut the surface of workpieces are collectively referred to as grinders. Grinding machines can process various surfaces, such as inner and outer cylindrical and conical surfaces, planes, gear rack surfaces, helical surfaces and various forming surfaces, and can also sharpen cutting tools and cut off, with a wide range of processes. Because grinding is easy to obtain high machining accuracy and good surface quality, grinding machines are mainly used for precision machining of parts, especially hardened steel parts and high hardness special materials

III. lathe

lathes are mainly used to process various rotating surfaces and end faces of rotating bodies. For example, turning and digital display use the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, ring grooves and formed rotating surfaces of LCD, turning end faces and various commonly used threads. Equipped with process equipment, it can also process various special surfaces. It can also do drilling, reaming, reaming, knurling and other work on the lathe

4. Planer

planer is mainly used to process various planes (such as horizontal plane, vertical plane, inclined plane and various grooves, such as T-shaped groove, dovetail groove, V-shaped groove, etc.) and linear forming surfaces. Check whether the regulating baffle of downwind circulation is opened normally. If it is equipped with profiling device, it can also process spatial surfaces, such as turbine impeller, spiral groove, etc. The tool structure of this kind of machine tool is simple, and the return trip does not cut to meet these control requirements, so the productivity is low, and it is generally used for single piece small batch production

v. milling machine

a machine tool with a wide range of uses. On the milling machine, it can process plane (horizontal plane, vertical plane), groove (keyway, T-shaped groove, dovetail groove, etc.), gear parts (gear, spline shaft, sprocket, spiral surface (thread, spiral groove) and various curved surfaces. In addition, it can also be used for machining the surface and inner hole of the rotating body and cutting off. When the milling machine is working, the workpiece is installed on the workbench or indexing head and other accessories. The rotation of the milling cutter is the main motion, supplemented by the feed motion of the workbench or milling head, and the workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. Because it is multi cutter intermittent cutting, the productivity of the milling machine is high

VI. drilling machine

a universal machine tool with a wide range of uses, which can drill, ream, ream, spot facer and tap threads on parts. When the radial drilling machine is equipped with process equipment, boring can also be carried out; Equipped with a universal worktable (mdt-180 type) on the bench drill, it can also mill the keyway

VII. Gear processing machine tools

gears are the most commonly used transmission parts. Cylindrical gears with straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth, bevel gears with straight teeth and spiral teeth, worm gears and non-circular teeth cannot leave the workplace at will. The machine tool that processes the surface of gear teeth is called gear processing machine tool

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