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Categories and characteristics of cigarette packaging paper

in recent years, China's tobacco packaging technology has made rapid development. From coated paper soft box packaging to ordinary white cardboard, glass cardboard and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard hard box packaging, and then to the use of pet mirror complex. In other words, we are not easily fooled into cardboard hard box packaging. Tobacco packaging has always been in the forefront of the world packaging. Especially in the anti-counterfeiting technology, it shows the intelligence and ability of the Chinese people. Color fibers, laser, watermark, holographic anti-counterfeiting and so on are added to the packaging materials. Although the surface of the packaging is ever-changing, the packaging materials have not changed much in nature, but each has its own advantages in the variety of paper applications

composition categories and characteristics of commonly used cigarette packaging paper:

1, cigarette white card

a, glass card: it is coated on the base paper of white card, but the quality of the coating used is much higher than that of ordinary coating. The particles of raw materials are several times thinner than that of ordinary coating, and the production efficiency is low. Its characteristic is that the mirror effect of the paper is remarkable, very bright, showing the luxury and high-end of cigarette packs, which can increase the display effect and purchase desire of products. App aviation glass paperboard is one of the high-quality products, and Qujing and other high-end tobacco products are widely used. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. produces glass paperboard, and Shandong cigarette factory applies it to hadmen more, and assists in R & D and improvement together

b, cigarette white card: it can be divided into white core white card, that is, the core layer of card paper is also produced with chemical pulp, which is the same as the slurry of surface layer and bottom layer. For example, the federal white card of the United States, the Weishi Weike white card of the United States and the Baiyu card of Ningbo Zhonghua paper industry are all white core white cards. Because most of the materials used are chemical pulp, the fibers are soft and slender, and do not contain fluorescent brighteners, their products have excellent box making characteristics, such as flat and fine paper surface, excellent printability, good stiffness, good flexibility, good die-cutting performance, strong and durable, and not easy to change

the other is yellow core white card, the surface layer is bleached chemical pulp, the middle layer of paperboard is unbleached natural color pulp, and a certain proportion is mechanically ground wood pulp. Finnish AA and Ningbo Zhonghua Hanwei white cards are all yellow core white cards. Its products have excellent qualities such as good paperboard thickness, excellent loose thickness, good flatness, good interlayer bonding strength, good printability, small roughness and good dot reproducibility

2. White paperboard with white background: it is an intermediate product between white card and gray background, with bleached wood pulp as the surface and bottom pulp, but waste pulp as the middle pulp. It can be used as a substitute for white card users to reduce costs. 3. The conventional electronic versatile data testing machine is the preferred product for gray bottom products to improve product grade or upgrade without increasing too much cost. Wrigley cigarettes are mainly made of Ningbo Zhonghua white paper board with white background, and Golden Mango is also used. The paperboard is characterized by small difference between the front and back, smooth and delicate, and has good whiteness, good printability, high-quality folding resistance. It is suitable for post-processing with high requirements. It is the only white paperboard with white background that can be used in high-speed cigarette packaging machines in China

3. White paperboard with gray background: it is produced by superposition of four layers of pulp. The surface pulp is chemical bleached pulp. There are also small paper mills that use recycled pulp beside white paper. The lining pulp is deinked waste pulp, the core layer is Daolin and other waste pulp, and the bottom layer is pure waste paper production. Because it is basically recycled pulp, it is an environmental protection product. And the waste paper is basically imported from the cold zone, with good fiber strength. Although the size is the same, the product quality is also very different due to the different paper machine and production technology. The ash bottom of cigarette packs is mostly produced by large paper mills, such as sun paper and Ningbo Zhonghua paper. The quality of the gray bottom white board requires less dust, even higher than the national standard, good uniformity, uniform thickness, good stiffness, small roughness, good printing adaptability, good point reproducibility, good die-cutting box making performance, good interlayer bonding, and not easy to burst into a box, which is suitable for the packaging requirements of high-speed cigarette packaging machine

4. Coated paper for flexible packaging: for example, the space shuttle 90g coated paper of Jindong paper industry is particularly suitable for making cigarette labels, especially for flexo and gravure printing. It has high smoothness, low roughness, good point reduction, high whiteness, higher printing gloss, good thickness, good stiffness, good crimp resistance, strong water resistance and high overprint accuracy

select the quality standard of cigarette packaging paper

in order to meet the printing needs, the paper manufacturer has set many quality indicators to ensure better applicability of products. Its main requirements are as follows:

1. The paper has uniform weight, uniform thickness and small thickness difference. Otherwise, it is easy to cause poor paper feeding, uneven ink absorption, different image depth, different drying time or partial non drying, and subsequent binding difficulties

2. Good paper evenness. If you look at the paper with poor uniformity in the light, you can find that the fiber distribution is uneven and there are pulp clumps. Such paper is easy to produce uneven ink absorption and blooming. Low weight paper will cause through printing due to less interweaving of local fiberboards and low opacity

3, good whiteness. The paper with poor whiteness is easy to produce different hues of the printed products. There is color difference between the printed products, and the brightness is low, which greatly reduces the printing effect

4, high smoothness. Low smoothness is easy to make the ink spread unevenly, and the flatness of printed matter is poor, which can not meet the fine printing requirements of high-speed wire products. Especially for gravure printing, it is easy to produce missing white spots

5, small roughness. Roughness is particularly important for gravure printing, mainly because the gravure printing plate is inelastic, and the paper must be smooth and delicate, otherwise it will lead to poor reproduction rate of points and increased loss points

6, high gloss. If you want the print to be dazzling, the gloss of the print must be high. Otherwise, the printed matter is gray and the color reduction is poor, which will affect the display effect of cigarette sales

7. Good ink absorption. The ink absorption of the picture is uniform, otherwise it is easy to cause the printing to be scratched, the color depth is different, the drying time is different, and the point cannot be completely restored

8, good opacity. This is particularly important for low weight paper and double-sided printing paper, otherwise it will produce through printing, and the double-sided text and images will interfere with each other, affecting the viewing effect. Sometimes the front and back color differences are large, so it will be difficult to adjust

9, good stiffness, good hand feel, high printing speed and high printing efficiency. Otherwise, it is difficult to feed and receive paper, the printing is easy to fold B, the linear compensation and correction function of up to 15 sections is wrinkled, and the box making is not strong. Johnson Matthey, the main catalyst business of gasoline and diesel vehicles, will spend 200million pounds (about 1.8 billion yuan) to develop battery materials. As a result, it will be affected, especially in the production of high-speed cigarette machines, which will increase the probability of scrap

10, high surface strength. Otherwise, light printing is easy to produce hair and powder, and heavy printing is easy to blister and delamination

11. Suitable moisture content, small paper flexibility, suitable for printing requirements. Otherwise, it is easy to cause difficulties in cutting and positioning, inaccurate overprint, printing wrinkle, etc

12, good weather resistance. Otherwise, low temperature printing is easy to blister, high temperature and humidity are easy to deform, resulting in powder dropping, inaccurate overprint, etc

analysis of annual paper consumption of cigarette packets

based on the paper consumption of white cards of 10000 large cases of cigarette packets, 165 tons of small packets, 27.5 tons of cigarette tongue, 67.5 tons of carton, a total of 260 tons. The specific calculation is as follows: small bag - a 787 × There are 36 small cigarette packets printed on 1250mm paper, 159107 packets printed on a ton of paper, about 160000 packets. Strip box - one 787 × There are 8 paper prints of 1194mm and 37015 paper prints per ton. The white card is calculated as 230g/m2, the gray bottom is calculated as 250g/m2, and the soft packed box is calculated as 90g/m2 of single copper, and so on. Based on a total of 38.526 million large cases of cigarette packaging in 2005 (in which the ratio of soft and hard packaging is 4:6), the consumption of gray bottom is 11069 tons, the consumption of white card is 600212 tons (including 154081 tons of strip boxes and 381407 tons of small boxes, 64724 tons of cigarette tongue paper, gold and silver card paper are also included in the white card category because of the white card on the bottom paper), and the consumption of soft packaging single-sided coated paper is 61642 tons

with the introduction of large advanced paper machines and the continuous optimization of process technology, the quality of domestic paper has been greatly improved to meet the needs of ordinary cigarette packs. On the other hand, the price of domestic paper is competitive and the supply is timely. Therefore, the consumption of imported paper has shown a downward trend in recent years

development trend of cigarette packaging paper

1. Flexible packaging decreased, and the amount of coated paper decreased

2. The amount of low-grade cigarettes will decrease, and the amount of gray board will decrease

3. The quantity of high-grade cigarettes will increase, so the white card cigarette packs will increase

4. The amount of hard packaging continues to increase, and the amount of white card cigarette packs will increase

5. The environmental protection, safety and hygiene of cigarette packs have attracted more and more attention. The application of environmental protection materials such as vacuum aluminizing transfer and aluminum spraying, which can replace composite aluminum foil paper, will have a more market prospect

6. The anti-counterfeiting cost of cigarette packets puzzles cigarette factories, and low-cost and high-effect anti-counterfeiting technology is popular

7. The domestic tobacco industry has introduced laser rainbow cardboard (including BOPP laser rainbow cardboard and pet laser rainbow cardboard) hard wrapped cigarette boxes, which gives people a refreshing feeling, and will certainly drive the upsurge of using laser rainbow cardboard in the tobacco industry. The material selection of tobacco packaging has reached a new stage: from the partial use of laser material decoration (such as laser anodized hot stamping) to the overall and full page combination of laser material and printing

8. Chinese tobacco should also go out to compete with foreign tobacco. Foreign demand points should be considered in export packaging, such as purity and cleanness of packaging. In particular, the European and North American markets are very sensitive to the purity and cleanliness of food and tobacco packaging, and the requirements in this regard are very high. Therefore, food grade white card packaging can be used for cigarette packaging, which is essentially preventive. At the same time, as people pay more and more attention to health, the packaging of food grade white card can become a more widely used packaging material in the future

in addition, paper is developing towards high pine thickness. The thickness increases, the quantity decreases, the unit surface area increases, and the production cost is reduced. Some imported products with a thickness of 220 g/M2 can reach 230 g/m2, and the stiffness is not affected, which is welcomed by customers

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