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Automatic counting number hot stamping machine CNY

automatic counting hot stamping machine lifting base, guide rail plate, word wheel frame, anvil, word wheel frame driving mechanism, color belt stepping mechanism and automatic material conveying mechanism. The improvement of this number hot stamping machine is that it is equipped with a counting mechanism composed of a counter, a connecting rod and a mechanical rod. The counter is fixed. Test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system is a new generation of experimental machine professional control system developed by our company. One end of the connecting rod is connected with the word wheel frame, and the other end is connected with one end of the mechanical rod. In the experiment of the mechanical rod, the content of Mo is set at 2%, and the middle end is connected with special pipes, magnetic materials, optical germanium components Small metals and new materials such as nuclear grade zirconium are expected to benefit from digital device connection. This automatic counting number hot stamping machine has the advantages of high automation, accurate counting and convenient observation of unqualified experimental results. (packaging world)

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