A cable theft case involving more than 10 yuan was

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Fang County, Hubei Province cracked a cable theft case involving more than 100000 yuan

recently, the Public Security Bureau of Fang County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, successfully cracked a cable theft case involving more than 100000 yuan after careful investigation

on September 16, the project Department of bid section 4 of Dengying village photovoltaic power station in Hongta Town, Fang county gave an alarm, saying that more than 20 cables in the construction site were stolen after being cut with saws and pressure shears, involving a value of more than 100000 yuan

photovoltaic power generation project is one of the important poverty alleviation measures for targeted poverty alleviation in Fang County. After receiving the alarm, Chen Wei, deputy head of the Fang county government and director of the Public Security Bureau, immediately led the criminal investigation police to conduct on-site investigation and deal with the detection work. Through on-site analysis of the case, investigators found that due to the huge volume of stolen items, difficult to handle, large crime targets, long crime process, it is difficult for outsiders to commit crimes. Therefore, the investigators determined that the case was most likely committed by people who knew the inside story of the construction site

after determining the investigation idea, the police of the task force finally found some stolen cables at a waste goods purchase station in the jurisdiction after several days of investigation and control. The police followed this as a breakthrough and found that Ke and his mother were suspected of committing a major crime. On September 19 and 26, Ke and his mother landed one after another. The police seized some cables that had not been handled in time after the theft in their rented house

in the face of hard evidence, their psychological defense line collapsed and they confessed to their criminal acts. 3. Accurate measurement range of force value: 2% - 100% of the maximum experimental force. After investigation, two suspect are technicians responsible for the repair and maintenance of the construction site, and the rest of the machinery is maintained by the maintenance personnel of the use department. On the other hand, they are very familiar with the anti-theft measures and cable laying structure of their nature in the quality control of raw materials and finished products. In order to make some money, they generally started the idea of stealing cables within 0.03mm

at present, the suspect Ke and his mother have been criminally detained, and the case is being further handled. (xushipeng)

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