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The Korean media said that the role of China should not be overemphasized.

[Global Times comprehensive report] "the confrontation over North Korea's nuclear test has escalated rapidly". The United States "Star Spangled Banner" took this as the title, and North Korea's fourth nuclear test has rapidly evolved into the most intense confrontation in three years. Last time, the U.S. rigid foam testing machine sent a bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the local area, and the crisis was gradually lifted. But because the situation is developing so rapidly, it seems unlikely to happen again. Analysts predict that North Korea may soon test an improved version of the rocket that was successfully tested in December 2012. The DPRK recently showed the rocket model at the military parade. Experts said that its design seemed to be improved in order to re-enter the atmosphere and drop nuclear bombs. On the 11th, the British express raised a provocative question: "will there be a third world war?"

"there is a danger of fire on the peninsula at all times. If the control is not good, conflicts may occur at any time." Wang Linchang, member of the Korean Peninsula Research Association of the China Asia Pacific Society, said in an interview with the global times on the 11th that at present, neither side wants to show weakness. The United States hopes to use strategic weapons to pressure and demonstrate against North Korea and declare its protection of South Korea, but tough action will only further aggravate the tension. The situation on the peninsula is a cause and effect of each other. Only when both sides exercise appropriate restraint can the situation not get out of control

in response to the United States' strengthening of military demonstrations against North Korea, RIA Novosti quoted klinetsevich, the first vice chairman of the defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federal Council, as saying that the United States is using North Korea's nuclear test to strengthen its military presence in the region. He said: "Washington deployed strategic bombers in South Korea and responded to North Korea's destructive actions in a tit for tat manner, but will the tension on the Korean Peninsula change as a result? It is doubtful that any unilateral action here will only cause harm."

Hong Lei, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said at the meeting on the 11th that it was in the common interests of all parties to maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia, while stressing his opposition to North Korea's nuclear test, on the "show muscle" of U.S. bombers flying at low altitude on the Korean Peninsula. "We hope that the parties concerned will exercise restraint, act cautiously and avoid the escalation of tensions in turn."

South Korea still attaches great importance to the role of China. A spokesman for the South Korean Presidential Palace said at the meeting on the 11th that the South Korean side is considering the cooperation plan between the five members of the Jinhu Rili nose team and China from many aspects. Yonhap said that the head of the South Korean side of the six-party talks on the DPRK nuclear issue will hold consultations with the heads of the Quartet of the United States, Japan, China and Russia on the Countermeasures for the DPRK nuclear test. 2 A piece of rubber is covered above the jaw, and the consultation with the trumped Chinese side is the key to this round of North Korea's nuclear war. On the 11th, Yonhap also quoted South Korean experts as saying that North Korea's oil imports are 100% dependent on China. If China cuts off oil for a week, North Korean society will fall into serious chaos. However, considering the relations between China and the DPRK, it is difficult for China to make a decision to completely interrupt the oil supply to the DPRK

"the theory of China's role cannot be overemphasized", and "the Korean nation" published an editorial on this topic, saying that now the United States and South Korea stress the theory of China's role while putting pressure on North Korea, which can only make China's room for mediation smaller. The South Korean government must come up with new strategies, get rid of the current one-sided hard line policy towards North Korea, and focus more on persuading China and the United States to more actively intervene in the North Korean nuclear issue. South Korea must avoid the overall deterioration of the situation on the peninsula

6) the physical meaning of the wear resistance coefficient is the ratio of the mass wear of the control material to the experimental material after the wear test

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