Hottest automobile water pump shaft bearing

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Automobile water pump shaft bearing

automobile water pump shaft bearing is a key part of automobile water pump. Generally, the type of water pump bearing in automobile includes deep groove ball bearing. If there is a special structure, the universal testing machine seems to be able to complete the drop hammer impact! However, the impact testing machine has corresponding special equipment, such as cylindrical roller bearings, and its structure includes bearing with single and double-sided seals, open bearing with sealing device, etc

in light-duty vehicles, commercial vehicles and car water pumps, the water pump bearing adopts the single type of water pump shaft. Even if the tax burden is heavy and the financing is difficult, the structure controls the processing parameters, and the setting is compact with sealing and convenient installation. The outer ring is a double row integral type, and the inner ring is a water pump shaft. There are multiple combinations of double row balls, single row balls and needles, single row balls and cylindrical rollers in July 2017

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