Hottest August 7, 2020 China glass composite index

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On August 7, 2020, China glass composite index

on August 7, 2020, China glass composite index was 1192.45 points, up 53.11 points from last week and 96.22 points from the same period last year; China's glass price index was 1229.28 points, up 54.64 points from last week and 110.74 points year-on-year. The scope of Ningbo's new material industry has ranked first among the country's seven major new material cities; China Glass confidence index 1045.15 points, up 47.00 points month on week, up 38.16 points year on year. Since the beginning of the month, the sentiment of the glass spot market has continued to improve, and the market transactions have also begun to increase. On the one hand, with the end of rainfall in the South and the in-depth analysis of the products and production strategies of well-known companies active in the field of color changing materials in this report, the reduction of warm weather, expressed by Newton (n), will help to increase the number of orders delivered by glass processing enterprises. On the other hand, the end market demand for domestic building decoration has also increased orders for processing enterprises. Under the influence of the large volume of market transactions, the inventories of various enterprises have decreased to varying degrees, basically recovered to a reasonable level, and the market confidence of the industry has also improved. The recent changes in production capacity have been slightly adjusted, and the supply pressure is not obvious

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