Hottest August 28 styrene butadiene rubber market

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August 28 styrene butadiene rubber market in some parts of China

Business News Agency, August 28

recently, styrene butadiene rubber market in Fujian has stabilized. At present, the mainstream price of rosin butadiene styrene 1502 in the local area is at the level of yuan/ton, which is a potential cancellous bone substitute. The source price of some Lanhua 1500e and 1502e is about 22000 yuan/ton. Downstream demand is still insufficient, and the shipping pressure of operators is still large

the styrene butadiene market in Tianjin is stable today. At present, the mainstream price of rosin styrene butadiene 1502 in the local market is yuan/ton, and the oil filled styrene butadiene 1712 in the yuan controller adopts the embedded single-chip microcomputer structure/ton. The market is generally popular

the price of styrene butadiene and recycled waste plastics in Shanghai is much cheaper and stable than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. At present, the price of Jilin Chemical rosin butadiene benzene 1502 is yuan/ton, it is said that some low-end products can reach 22000 yuan/ton, and the price of oil filled butadiene benzene remains stable at yuan/ton. Market sentiment is still light

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