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The industry expects that the moon cake slimming will force Guangdong's 30% packaging enterprises to retreat, and the first Mid Autumn Festival under the moon cake mandatory "slimming" is approaching. A few days ago, it was learned from the main manufacturers of Cantonese style moon cakes that this year's moon cake packaging took the route of "simple discovery that some goods are marked with the word" green package "under the word" environmental protection "to match the new standard. Affected by this, some insiders predict that 30% of the moon cake packaging enterprises in Guangdong will face the threat of delisting

the new standard lowers the price of moon cakes

according to the new standard, the cost of moon cake packaging this year should not exceed 25% of its ex factory price, and the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters. This means that in previous years, some "small cakes in large boxes" and the phenomenon of putting precious gifts in moon cake boxes will be banned this year

recently, it was found at the Guangzhou Restaurant moon cake exhibition and ordering meeting that even the most expensive moon cake with good plasticity under static load of Bao Feiyan was only 588 yuan, which was 1/3 cheaper than the high price moon cake gift box that soared to thousands of yuan in the previous two years

Wu Jiawei, general manager of likoufu company of Guangzhou Restaurant Group, told that among all the products they launched this year, there were 10 affordable moon cakes with a price below 85 yuan, accounting for about 65%, and products with a price below 100 yuan also accounted for 85%. Due to the guidance of the new standard, the packaging of moon cakes is no longer luxurious, which makes it difficult for moon cake enterprises, the market development manager of plastic medical equipment of Eastman, to "fight" over prices, and it is also more difficult for some businesses to make money from moon cakes by taking advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival

simple and environmentally friendly packaging is the main product.

Wu Jiawei frankly said that as a moon cake production enterprise, this year, more human, material and financial resources have been put into the packaging energy conservation and the research and development of green products. This year, they adjusted the packaging of 25 products and reduced the proportion of gift boxes. The new packaging, which accounts for 40%, no longer advocates luxury and wealth. It was noticed at the exhibition and order fair that the spacing in many moon cake packaging boxes was indeed significantly reduced, and the size of the box was correspondingly reduced. Some high-end wine, tea, seafood and other tie-in gifts embedded in the box in the past also disappeared

according to the industry analysis, due to the implementation of the new standard for moon cakes, "simple and environmentally friendly packaging" has basically become the main brand of the major moon cake enterprises in Guangzhou this year, and the moon cake production enterprises have a trend of close combat in the research and development of new packaging

it was learned that taotaoju mooncakes were painted on the packaging box according to different tastes this year, and the nostalgic series and the love affair series were launched. Lianxianglou also adopts advanced technology to develop a "simple moon cake" that is more in line with the new national packaging standard for moon cakes. Different from the traditional packaging in the past, this new packaging takes a simpler, hygienic and environmentally friendly "green route"

the profit of the packaging industry will be reduced by 10%

in terms of detecting such impact damage, insiders believe that this year's new standard not only has a significant impact on the moon cake industry, but also a group of moon cake packaging enterprises that once made a huge packaging windfall have been greatly implicated. It is reported that in addition to packaging, the rising costs of raw materials and manpower this year have forced a large number of packaging enterprises to withdraw from the industry

it is understood that the raw materials for moon cake packaging that have increased in price this year are mainly raw and auxiliary materials related to petrochemical industry. Among them, the plastic bracket increased by 20% in the second half of this year compared with the first half, while the comprehensive cost increased by about 10%. However, the selling price of moon cake packaging boxes did not rise synchronously this year

according to an insider, the profit of the moon cake packaging industry will drop by at least 10% this year, and about 30% of Guangdong packaging enterprises intend to withdraw from the market. He also believes that packaging enterprises will face elimination and reshuffle, and there may be only some professional moon cake packaging enterprises with large scale and strong comprehensive strength left in the future

information source: China's industrial economy information

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