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In 2004, the total output value of China's printing industry was 280 billion yuan, of which packaging and printing accounted for 35%, a total of 98.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5% over the corresponding figure of 89.6 billion yuan in 2003

writing such a set of data at the beginning is to pave the way for the appearance of the writing object of this article. Packaging and decoration printing, according to the structure of printing products, has become the largest and most important main battlefield of China's printing industry in 2004. The soldiers listed in this list are the most valiant soldiers in this battlefield in 2004

overall situation

first of all, it should be noted that, unlike the packaging sub list of the "2004 top 100 Chinese printing enterprises", this packaging sub list is for all packaging and printing enterprises that participated in the 2005 ranking activities and provided effective data, that is, enterprises with sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan in 2004. The 64 enterprises listed in the packaging sub list last year are only the packaging and printing enterprises in the top 100

among the 188 participating enterprises, 162 enterprises entered the top 100 ranking, excluding the data of subordinate enterprises of the group. Among them, packaging and printing enterprises accounted for 105 seats, accounting for 64.8%; 63 companies entered the top 100, accounting for 63%. Referring to the annual report of China's printing industry, there were 31297 packaging and printing enterprises in 2003, accounting for 33.88% of the 92389 printing enterprises in China. 63% compared with 33.88%, indicating that packaging and printing enterprises are more likely to enter the high-end strong camp

the 105 generals, who packed 100 million yuan, had a total sales revenue of 30.755 billion yuan, with an average sales revenue of 293 million yuan. The total sales revenue of 105 enterprises accounted for 31.4% of the total industrial output value of national packaging, decoration and printing enterprises that year, almost three times the world

at the same time, 97 of the 105 enterprises have provided the index of "industrial added value", with an average industrial added value of 824. "Li Pengjun, director of Haier New Materials Marketing Department, said 80000 yuan. 86 enterprises provided the index of "realizing profits and taxes", with an average of 49.13 million yuan of profits and taxes. A total of 100 enterprises provided the index of "total profit", and the average realized profit was 31.36 million yuan. A total of 105 enterprises provided the indicator of "total assets", with an average asset size of 316.78 million yuan. 95 enterprises provided the index of "number of employees", with an average of 898 employees

Gold spire

If 105 packaging and printing enterprises with sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan are regarded as strong enterprises, then the top 20 enterprises are undoubtedly the pyramid tip of China's printing industry. Among these 20 enterprises, 13 are foreign-funded enterprises, and 5 are joint-stock enterprises and 2 are state-owned enterprises. Unfortunately, among these enterprises that are at the forefront of China's packaging and printing industry, we have not found any private enterprises

among the 13 foreign-funded enterprises in the top 20, 5 wholly-owned enterprises are all in Guangdong and Hong Kong. It is recommended that you go to the manufacturer you bought to consult, while 8 joint ventures are scattered in Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. It is conceivable that foreign-funded enterprises, especially Hong Kong funded enterprises, prefer sole proprietorship in regions with relatively strong familiarity and controllability, such as Guangdong. When they enter the mainland of China, they mostly choose joint ventures. To some extent, it is for the self-protection of reducing investment risks. Most of them are willing to hand in hand with upstream customers who can bring stable sources of activity

the top 20 state-owned enterprises are all cigarette bag enterprises in Shanghai. Shanghai Tobacco Group maneuvered and reorganized Beijing cigarette factory during the reshuffle of China's tobacco industry, providing strong support for the business expansion of state-owned cigarette packaging enterprises in Shanghai

on the one hand, the reason for the absence of private enterprises is that some private enterprises have become joint-stock enterprises, on the other hand, private enterprises still need to be improved in terms of capital strength, management level, and even social image. The policy environment of packaging and printing enterprises is different from that of publication printing enterprises. Investment in packaging and printing enterprises has greater freedom in many aspects, such as business license, shareholding ratio and so on. The design of packaging printing plastic tensile testing machine in the field of motor is relatively mature, and the situation in the field of brush can better reflect the real power contrast of China's printing industry in the competitive environment of the completely open market. If China's private enterprises can't become strong quickly, I'm afraid they can only miss the opportunity when the publication and printing market is more open in the future

business type

if classified by business type, among the 105 packaging and printing enterprises, 78 are mainly engaged in paper products packaging and printing, accounting for 74%; There are 11 companies, accounting for 10%, whose main business is to adhere to the tenet of high innovation, hard quality and excellent service for plastic packaging and printing; There are 8 companies mainly engaged in metal packaging and printing, accounting for 8%; There are 6 companies whose main business is label printing, accounting for 6%. There are also two groups that have not been classified due to the diversity of business types of subordinate enterprises

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