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In the next three days, the cold air in the north will frequently drop by more than 10 ℃

the national gale cooling forecast map from 8:00 on the 4th to 8:00 on the 5th. The picture of the national temperature anomaly in the past 10 days China's weather news has been recorded in real time. Affected by the supplementary weak cold, that is, the standard tensile sample is in the tensile state air, the temperature in most of the north will continue to be low in the next three days, and the local cooling range will reach more than 10 ℃, accompanied by a level northerly wind

due to the recent cold air, the temperature in northern China has continued to decline. From November 26 to 28, affected by the cold air, the north and northwest of Xinjiang are prone to a 4 ~ 8 ℃ temperature drop in the fire spreading areas, Inner Mongolia, North China, Northeast China, Huang Huai and other places, of which the temperature drop range in most of the northeast is 10 ~ 16 ℃; Strong winds of force 5 ~ 7 occurred in Inner Mongolia, Northwest China, North China and Northeast China

from November 30 to December 1, affected by the cold air, Xinjiang and Qinghai Tibet Plateau experienced a temperature drop of 4 ~ 8 ℃, accompanied by a force 4 ~ 5 wind. From December 1 to 3, affected by the cold air, the northwest region, Inner Mongolia, the west of North China, the northeast and other places experienced a temperature drop of 4 ~ 6 ℃, and the north of Xinjiang experienced a temperature drop of 8 ~ 12 ℃. A northerly wind of force 5 ~ 7 occurred in most of the northwest region, Inner Mongolia, North China and other places

the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that from the 4th to the 6th, due to the influence of two cold air waves, there will be a temperature drop of 6 ~ 8 ℃ in the eastern part of the northwest region, the central and western parts of North China, and the northeast region. Among them, the temperature drop in the northeastern part of Heilongjiang can reach more than 10 ℃, and the northwest region and the northern part of the Huaihe River are accompanied by a northerly wind of 4 ~ 6 and a gust of 7. At the same time, from day to night, there is moderate to heavy snow and local Blizzard (10 ~ 15mm) in the northeast of Heilongjiang. In addition, there will be light to moderate snow or snow showers in Northern Xinjiang in the next two days

according to the national temperature anomaly map in the past 10 days, the temperature in most parts of central and eastern China is lower than that in the same period of the year, among which the temperature in central and Northern northeast, central and Eastern Inner Mongolia and northern North China is as low as ℃. This week, due to the influence of still cold air, the trend of low temperature is difficult to improve and continues to be depressed. It is suggested to do a good job in preventing cold and keeping warm, and strengthen the prevention of the impact of snow on agriculture and animal husbandry, urban operation and transportation

if the sample is not easy to peel off, immerse the first end of the sample about 20mm in a suitable solvent for treatment. In addition, in the northern and eastern sea areas, there are many windy weather, so the greenhouse reinforcement and heat preservation and antifreeze work should be done well in facility agriculture, and the Eastern Sea area should prevent the adverse impact of sea winds on shipping

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