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"In vitro" incubation tree root interconnection Sany Heavy Industry curve intervenes in industrial interconnection

"in vitro" incubation tree root interconnection Sany Heavy Industry curve intervenes in industrial interconnection

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the industrial interconnection project brewed by SANY heavy industry 9 years ago has appeared

"Sany Heavy Industry has been planning to enter industrial interconnection since 2008." on March 20, he Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany group, chief process information officer and CEO of Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd., revealed to 21st Century Business Herald that by 2016, Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shugen Internet") was officially established, and in February this year, the core product of Shugen Internet, root cloud platform, was officially released, The industrial interconnection project of "in vitro incubation" of Sany Heavy industry began to emerge

different from Sany's previous approach in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Sany only participated as an investor in the tree root interconnection project, "this is due to the characteristics of the interconnection project." Hedongdong explained that Sany Heavy Industry is also one of the important customers of tree root Internet. Shugen Internet will also continue to raise funds to make its equity structure more open and more in line with the characteristics of Internet companies

this is not Sany's first attempt in the field of industrial interconnection. "In the past few years, Sany Heavy Industry has made multiple levels of layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing." He Dongdong said that since this year, the construction machinery industry has recovered as a whole. Different from the industry opportunities during the previous four trillion investment period, Sany Heavy Industry, which has an intelligent manufacturing system, has significantly improved its product delivery cycle and risk response ability

machine centered industrial interconnection

in the process of global intelligent manufacturing and industrial 4.0 revolution, industrial interconnection platform, as the core and foundation of intelligent manufacturing, has precedent abroad, such as the big data analysis platform predix launched by Ge in the United States in 2013 after putting forward the "industrial interconnection" strategy, and the mindsphere industrial interconnection ecosystem established by Siemens in Germany. He Dongdong said that China's intelligent manufacturing industry also needs teams with manufacturing background to build industrial interconnection platforms. The demand for this in the Chinese market is becoming stronger and stronger, which is also the original intention of Sany to create tree root interconnection

he Dongdong said that what Shugen hopes to do is to build a lower threshold, so that China's manufacturing enterprises can access the industrial interconnection more quickly, conveniently and cheaply, and help enterprises quickly improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. "It is characterized by a public Internet platform that has the most customer value, the most grounded, and provides one-stop high-end solutions." He Dongdong said

in the current Chinese market, this is an innovative product. "Although there are also some competitive products like cosmos, which are also industrial interconnection platforms, the cooperation between tree root interconnection and its peers is more than competition, and it is more a relationship of complementarity and progress." Hedongdong explained that whether it enterprises Software enterprises are also "communication" enterprises, and they are all different in positioning and complementary in structure.

at present, the enterprises engaged in the field of industrial interconnection in the market are mainly divided into four directions: it, CT, DT, OT, etc., all of which are doing industrial interconnection platforms and some solutions. In addition, some software enterprises are also doing some information services. "We finally need to achieve the operation mechanism of OT, that is, to find the export, to integrate the ability areas of it and CT economy, to get through, and then provide ot solutions," he Dongdong said, clamping the standard tensile sample on the material testing machine

tree root interconnection also has its own core competitiveness. He Dongdong believes that relying on the background of Sany Heavy Industry in the field of machinery, tree root interconnection mainly takes machines as the object to interconnect everything, and establishes the digital model of machines, including various equipment, machinery, etc. At the same time, taking machine as the center and forming full life cycle management is also one of its core capabilities. After the chip is implanted into the machine, the root cloud platform can help the machine owner clearly and dynamically grasp the operation of the whole life cycle of the machine, and provide solutions such as operation management accordingly. Its service objects are not only in the field of construction machinery, "basically including all industrial enterprises in need."

development of in vitro incubation mode

different from Sany's previous business layout method, the operator of tree root interconnection does not belong to a department within Sany, and sany is only one of the investors of tree root interconnection

"Sany can be said to be our angel investor, which is an innovation of Sany in the field of intelligent manufacturing." He Dongdong explained that if the industrial interconnection project is carried out within Sany, it will face difficulties in terms of enterprise informatization investment, capital return, talent introduction and so on

in the tide of entrepreneurship, core team members in Internet projects need to be introduced from outside. The main way to attract these members is equity incentive, but under the existing positioning and system of Sany Heavy Industry Enterprise, Department subjects cannot give this condition. Secondly, the investment industry of the tree root interconnection project hopes that the mass transfer efficiency of electrolyte will be higher, and the capital amount is huge. If it is only built within the listed company, it will bring a certain amount of capital pressure. Thirdly, big data and cloud computing require huge product samples and data volume. If rare earth characteristic industrial clusters are only built within one enterprise, the data is not large enough, the products are not rich enough, and the demand is also insufficient, so it is difficult to really give full play to the effect of big data. He Dongdong said that, therefore, Sany did not choose to build things behind closed doors, but positioned the tree root interconnection as a public and independent third-party industrial interconnection platform

in addition to the capital injection of Sany, the tree root interconnection, which is incubated in vitro and developed independently, will continue to attract foreign capital in the future. He Dongdong plans to continue financing about 2 billion yuan for Shugen Internet in the next few years

intelligent manufacturing coping with the industry cycle

the tree root interconnection project is only an epitome of Sany in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In the past few years, Sany's intelligent manufacturing has achieved initial results

"we have made several levels of layout around intelligent manufacturing." He Dongdong said that in terms of the traditional "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and process refinement, Sany Heavy industry relies on the existing information system to optimize the process, carry out information transformation, and plans to carry out large-scale upgrading in the era of industry 3.0. In addition, in terms of the transformation of smart factories, Sany Heavy Industry has also successively invested in some similar projects in the past two years, including cranes, heavy energy, etc., after building workshop 18, the largest smart manufacturing factory in Asia. In addition, in terms of "+ Internet", Sany is building an o2o marketing model, that is, communicating with customers through Internet, all media and all channels, and improving the negotiation ability with suppliers through Internet platforms at the other end of the industrial chain. The fourth level is big data. Through the platform of big data, the mining and analysis of big data are used to improve the intelligence of enterprise management. In addition, Sany is also constantly promoting the intellectualization of products, such as remote control, unmanned combat aircraft, and the intelligent transformation of the machine itself. He Dongdong believes that through the creation of several levels, Sany has formed a multi-directional, multi-level and multi field intelligent manufacturing development trend

in this layout process of intelligent manufacturing, Sany Heavy Industry has also experienced a complete industry cycle from prosperity to decline to today's recovery of China's construction machinery market

according to the preliminary statistical data provided by Sany Heavy Industry, the cumulative sales volume of Sany excavator machinery increased by more than 200% year-on-year in this month. In terms of concrete machinery, the cumulative sales increased by more than 200% year-on-year

"to cope with the ups and downs of the industry, two capabilities of enterprises will play a key role. The first is the ability to build the whole industrial chain of process informatization." He Dongdong said that through the large-scale transformation of process informatization, enterprises can get through the whole chain from supply to sales, and the unimpeded information system will be adjusted electrically, which is called "e calibration", making enterprises very sensitive to the wind direction of the industry. Thanks to the industrial chain of process informatization, Sany Heavy Industry has reacted quickly in the previous rounds of industry fluctuations. "Taking the delivery date of the industrial chain as an example, an unaudited rough estimate is that the current delivery date and the overall production efficiency should be increased by at least 20%, which has greatly improved the company's inventory and cash occupation."

the second is the ability to apply and control risks, that is, the management and operation ability of big data. Based on big data technology, enterprises establish good data models and have strong data analysis capabilities, which can improve the management of customer credit and the control of credit risk. "Different from building factories and purchasing machines to protect workers before, in this round of industry cycle, we have adopted a more effective and low-risk way to shorten the delivery cycle and stimulate production capacity, which has made a great contribution to the internal control of the enterprise."

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