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Southwest China welcomes the most continental wind turbine: CRRC

Southwest China welcomes the most continental wind turbine: CRRC

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on March 13, the wt3300d146 wind turbine produced by CRRC Zhuzhou was successfully hoisted in huomuliang wind farm in Yunnan Province. The unit has become the wind turbine with the highest installed altitude, the largest single unit power and wind wheel diameter in Southwest China

previously, this type of wind turbine has been in trouble free operation at an altitude of 3000m in the Northwest for 18 months. The reliability of the unit has been tested. The power characteristics have been widely used in the experimental machines of various manufacturers through the inspection and control system of international authoritative certification institutions, and the excellent power generation performance has been verified

huomuliang wind farm is located in huomuliang pond, Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, linamujiang City, Yunnan Province, with a total installed capacity of 49.5mw. It is developed and constructed by Yunnan huadianfu new energy Co., Ltd. The local terrain of the mountainous area in this area starts from the common ball screw, and the terrain is extremely complex and irregular. The altitude is between 3300 ~ 3600m, and the air density is 0.81 ~ 0.85kg/m ³ It belongs to a typical high-altitude wind farm. CRRC Zhuzhou Institute has completed a complete set of solutions for refined micro site selection and optimal matching of customized units for the wind farm. The wt3300d146 high-altitude wind turbine generator set used in the project is a new generation of flagship model launched by it, integrating wind direction compensation strategy to maximize energy capture at a specific site, active reactive power control, low self consumption control technology, optimal pitch angle technology The comprehensive power generation is 7% higher than that of traditional models, and the noise level is 1.5dB lower than that of similar products. The modular transmission chain split technology has greatly reduced the mountain transportation and hoisting costs, making the high-power and wind turbine units fully display their value in the era of parity under complex terrain, and bringing excellent return on investment to the investors of the wind farm. This model was favored by the market as soon as it was launched, and it has received market orders with a total capacity of more than 1GW from the southeast to the northwest

in the early stage of wind power development in China, the "Three North" area is the focus of development. Yunnan has complex terrain, high altitude, low air density, many thunderstorms and high humidity in summer, while the temperature in winter is often below zero, roads are frozen and snowed, and the development cost is very high, which is almost regarded as a "development forbidden zone". But now, 15 years later, Yunnan has been full of wind turbines, and Yunnan has long become a major wind power province, thanks to the rapid progress of China's high-altitude wind power technology

CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to explore high-altitude wind power. It has been settling and polishing in the high-altitude field for many years. In 2009, based on the experience accumulated in the design and operation of railway products in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the development of high-altitude series wind turbines was completed. After being launched to the market in 2010, it was installed in batches in Dali, Eryuan, Yunnan, Jiucaiping, wujiangyuan and other wind farms in Guizhou. At that time, it successfully opened up a blue ocean in the domestic white hot whole machine market environment. In Yunnan, Guizhou, Gansu and other places, it has the operation performance of nearly 1000 high-altitude units in several wind farms, and its brilliant unit performance has been highly praised by customers. Zhuzhou's high altitude field has been recognized by all parties. In 2015, the energy industry standard "guidelines for the use of high altitude wind turbines" was issued and implemented by the national energy administration, and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute is the only complete machine manufacturer to participate in the compilation. At the same time, as the main drafting unit, Zhuzhou Institute also led the preparation of the national standard "high altitude wind turbine", which was also officially released in 2019

overlooking the Yulong Snow Mountain and the Lugu pearl, the big windmills are dancing in the blue sky and white clouds, and the green energy is endless between the green mountains and green waters. The fan and the environment complement each other, and human beings and nature coexist harmoniously. CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute will continue to give full play to its technical advantages, dig deep into market demand, and continue to promote the rapid development of wind power in China, generally using mineral oil with medium viscosity, so as to contribute more to mankind

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