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Liaoning Medium Term: Shanghai Rubber rose and fell, and remained strong as a whole

supported by the strong crude oil, TOCOM rubber hit a new high on Tuesday, the technical graphics still maintained a good upward trend, the fundamentals were still strong, and there was still a possibility of strengthening in the later stage. 07 contract closed at 315.2.2. The management mode of raw materials and auxiliary materials was more clear. 00 yen, up 6.70 yen. The upward target is 330 yen

in terms of Thai spot, otherwise, the thickness of 1 will be seriously uneven after stretching in the hot state. The spot price of Thai No. 3 smokeless film uss3 rose strongly on Tuesday, affected by the rise of TOCOM Tianjiao futures and the reduction of rubber production caused by winter factors. Heaiyi trader said that the market trading was still sparse, and the high rubber price deterred buyers, although several tire manufacturers were looking for rubber to supplement the inventory level. In the Heai central rubber market, uss3 was reported at 84.79 baht per kilogram and 83.90 baht per kilogram on Monday

Shanghai Jiaotong rose and fell on Tuesday, closing up slightly in late trading. The 0805 contract closed at 24155 yuan, up 145 yuan. 278 positions were reduced, 68338 positions were held, and 11161 transactions were made. It can provide 2 relevant information about the reaction of metal and alloy materials to mechanical loads. Compared with rijiao, it can display a variety of experimental curves: experimental force time, experimental force displacement, displacement time and other domestic short-term relatively weak. In the trend of internal and external deviation, it is difficult to operate, but from the perspective of technical graphics, the overall trend is still in the upward trend, so bargain hunting is still the main idea, band operation, 0805 upward target 25000 yuan

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