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Application of Tai'an Genie intelligent relay in automatic garment ironing machine

I Introduction:

new clothes always feel clean and bright, which is due to garment ironing. Generally, before leaving the factory, clothes will go through the process of garment ironing, which was previously completed manually or semi automatically. With the continuous development and improvement of production technology, automatic garment ironing machines have emerged, which greatly improves the efficiency of garment production

II Requirements of automatic clothing ironing machine:

the main function of clothing ironing machine is to iron and press the clothing, which is also divided into: steam spraying, mold pressure shaping and dehumidification. The time of steam injection, mold pressurization and dehumidification can be directly adjusted by the user, and the sequence of execution can be run with a preset program or manually. In addition, in order to make the action of the machine softer, there must be a certain time delay before and after steam injection, mold pressurization, and dehumidification. This time delay is modified by the machine manufacturer before the machine leaves the factory

III Functions of Tai'an Genie:

Tai'an genie is an intelligent relay. In addition to the functions of traditional relays, it also integrates counters, timers, perpetual calendars, analog input comparison and text display functions. There are 15 groups of timers, and each group has 7 modes, including two delay on modes, two delay off modes and three flash output modes. The timing units are 0.1 seconds. 3. Connect the power supply and security ground wire, 1 second and 1 minute. The timing range is from 0.1 seconds at least to the maximum. 991 heavyweight technological transformation projects are being carried out in Fujian Maite new aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. for 99 minutes, which can realize accurate timing. There are 8 groups of counters, all of which can count in both directions

the text display function can display the current value and set value of timer, counter and analog input, and can modify the set value of timer and counter. The model can be divided into 10 points and 20 points according to the number of input and output points. The input voltage of AC 220V and DC 24V and the output type of relay and transistor can adapt to different field environments. The programming environment adopts ladder diagram programming, which is simple and easy to use

IV Specific application

in this application, use the 20 point model in Genie series, whose input is 12 points and output is 8 points. Its specific functions are as follows:

i represents the input point, Q represents the output point

i1--- emergency stop button Q1 - - for communication, electronic warfare Radar and other national defense systems will have a significant impact - pedal steam solenoid valve

I2 - Manual steam injection Q3 - reset solenoid valve

I3 - Manual dehumidification Q4 - template solenoid valve

I4 - start Q5 - dehumidification solenoid valve

I6 - photoelectric switch under pressure plate Q6 - pressurization solenoid valve

i7 - pedal steam Q7 - upper template steam solenoid valve

Q8 - lower template steam solenoid valve

input I1 as the emergency stop button, In any case, press this button, the reset solenoid valve will be powered on, and all other solenoid valves will be powered off and stop acting. Input I2 as the manual steam injection button. After pressing, the steam ports on the upper and lower templates will spray steam. Release the button to stop steam injection. Input I3 as the manual dehumidification button, press it to dehumidify, and release it to stop dehumidification. Input I4 as the start button. After pressing it, press the upper template down, and the dehumidification solenoid valve is powered on. During the working process, the volume must be sealed before dehumidification. When the upper template and the lower template are closed, input I6 photoelectric induction switch action, and enter the preset program 1 to work; If the upper and lower templates are not closed, that is, the photoelectric induction switch at the mold closing position is not activated, release the start button, the reset solenoid valve is powered on, and the machine is reset

v. conclusion

through the use of Tai'an Genie intelligent relay to automatically control the clothing ironing machine, it greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, stabilizes the ironing quality of products, and improves work efficiency. In addition, genie's small and beautiful appearance will also add a lot of color to the product

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