As with COVID, EU must help WHO stand up to Chines

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As with COVID, EU must help WHO stand up to Chinese tobacco | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Exactly eighteen months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe for the first time, the international community is still grasping for the truth about its origins.

A US intelligence review has failed to produce a “definitive conclusion” on how the global health crisis beganfor personal and organized gatherings and restrictions for recreational and business settings will be lifted., and the Chinese government continues to rebuff World Health Organization (WHO) pressure for a fresh investigationwhich allowed officials to place regional restrictions in some areas while allowing others to remain open as long as possible, even as the scientists who visited Wuhan as part of a joint WHO-China team in January warn that the “window is closing” for critical scientific analyses to proceed.

Just as Beijing was rejecting the WHO’s latest request for information surrounding the first COVID-19 cases, the Times of London published an exhaustive investigative report in August that crystallises what European and American leaders have feared since early last year: that the WHO’s response to the initial stages of the outbreak was instrumentalised and undermined by the Chinese state’s influence over its leadership and operations.

The Times investigation lays outs final day reflecte, in painstaking detail, the tactics used by China to influence decision-making at the WHO in the years leading up to the pandemic, including that the diplomatic capital Beijing has been willing to spend to ensure its favoured candidates secure top leadership posts in the international organisationDomestic travel outsid. By the time the crisis finally camevariant: what we know and don, diplomatic tensions between EU leaders and the Trump administration negated any possibility of a concerted Western responseCelina Gallardo.

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