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When it comes to decoration, many people will have a headache. The reason is that there are too many decoration styles, and they don't know which style to decorate, as well as whether the budget is enough. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the four perfect decoration budgets

decoration can be divided into four grades: economical, medium-sized, high-end and luxury. The factors that affect the decoration grade include: investment, design, materials, technology and service

economical type: it refers to common decoration, such as door and window wrapping, wall and floor tiles in kitchen and bathroom, plastic gusset plate or aluminum gusset plate ceiling, a small amount of water and electricity transformation, kitchen and bathroom facilities installation, floor tiling or composite wood floor, kick angle line, heating cover, curtain box, and wall top painting. This kind of decoration generally does not need interior design, and there is no major change. The main reason is to invite the team to construct by yourself and buy materials by yourself. Due to investment restrictions, you cannot buy high-end materials. Economic decoration is all about yourself. As a homeowner, you will be very tired. Because you don't understand the decoration, the process quality and effect may not meet your requirements or cause a waste of materials. The price of an economically decorated 100 square meter house is 30000-40000 yuan

mid range type: in addition to the standard decoration content, this decoration also requires designers to integrate the design concept. The room has a design theme and culture. In order to express this culture, some content will be added, such as artistic ceiling, cultural theme wall, sofa background wall, bed back wall, end view, and some very distinctive furniture. For mid-range decoration, you can enjoy some services of the decoration company, such as the designer accompanying you to buy main materials, the project supervisor controlling the process quality for you, and the after-sales personnel providing after-sales services for you, etc. The investment of 100 square meters of mid-range decoration is generally 60000-70000 yuan

high grade: the difference between this kind of decoration and medium-grade decoration mainly lies in the design, construction technology and the grade of main materials. For high-end models, experienced designers will generally provide timely, thoughtful and perfect services for the design scheme, the construction of super grade construction teams with exquisite workmanship, and all links of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. For example, if you want to buy some accessories in the market, the designers will also help you to refer to them at any time to achieve the same overall effect. The materials used are generally well-known brands at home and abroad

there are three pages in total. The first page is 123 the next page. If you position your decoration as high-end decoration, you must fully investigate the decoration market, select some well-known companies, and visit them after determining the goal. To investigate the strength and past performance of the company, it is best to look at oneortwo construction sites where they are under construction, and judge whether what they do is what they say from the actual situation of the construction site

luxury: luxury decoration is not only high-end materials, amazing effects, magnificent style, but also a unique artistic masterpiece that fully reflects the owner's style. This requires designers to be masters with many years of interior design experience. Have their own unique design concept, can grasp various design styles, and have good communication skills. The selection of materials is also quite fine, and they are basically high-quality materials. The requirements for workmanship are quite high. They are all construction workers with many years of construction experience. There are special construction management personnel on the site to check for you, on call

the above is the main content of the four perfect decoration budgets. I hope it can help you. Please pay attention to the zip code website for more content

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as the saying goes: one life, two fortunes, three geomantics, geomantics have a deep impact on our fortunes. So in Feng Shui, what is the general knowledge of Feng Shui in decorating doors? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui common sense of decoration door

Feng Shui common sense of decoration door

1. Door direction and floor mat

the sitting direction of the door is determined by the direction of the door. Standing indoors and facing the gate, the orientation facing is "Xiang", and the orientation opposite to "Xiang" is "sitting". Placing a floor mat in front of the house will also have a certain impact on Feng Shui. The impact comes from the different color of the floor mat. The door direction and the floor mat are well matched, which is suitable for flourishing and flourishing

2. Door decorations

door decorations should be less. Some people will install iron lion head ornaments on their doors, which is not suitable for ordinary people. The placement of devilish ornaments, such as mirrors and peach wood swords, must be guided by professionals. If the owner doesn't understand the Feng Shui principle and sets them at will, the result is often self defeating, leading to abnormal family atmosphere

as long as the material and style of the door are generous and firm, if the door is broken, it should be replaced in time Do not delay

3. In front of the door

push the door open, the line of sight outside the door should be bright and tidy, no obstacles should be stacked in front of the door, and you should be comfortable walking and turning around. If the doorway is small, you can adjust it by adding lights or re whitewashing at the doorway

4. Special tips: materials and color of doors

① materials and wood texture

there are a variety of materials for modern home doors, including solid wood, wood plate, molded door, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate, glass, steel plate, leather, etc. There is nothing special about how to use materials, but the color of the door is more exquisite. However, in terms of practicality and psychological feeling, wooden doors should be the first choice

when installing wooden doors, it must be clear whether the wood grain is clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, the lines from bottom to top are straight lines, and the lines from bottom to bottom are reverse lines. The smooth door makes the house peaceful and smooth, and the reverse door makes the house repeatedly changeable and unsmooth

② color

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