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Everyone cannot live without electricity. Today, electricity, as the most important energy, is closely related to our work and life. It can be said that without electricity, human society cannot operate normally and the whole society will be in chaos. As such an important energy, how to measure electricity is of great significance. But if we want to talk about measuring it, we must first know how to calculate electricity? So the watt hour meter was born.

watt hour meter refers to the meter that accumulates electric energy, commonly known as fire meter. There are DC watt hour meter and AC watt hour meter. AC watt hour meters are divided into three-phase watt hour meters and single-phase watt hour meters: three-phase watt hour meters are used for power users; Single phase watt hour meter is used for lighting users. Household watt hour meters are mostly single-phase watt hour meters. So how to choose a household watt hour meter? What does the symbol of watt hour meter mean

[specifications and selection of common household electric energy meters]

electric energy meters are generally divided into single-phase meters and three-phase meters. A single-phase meter is used at home. Its rated working voltage is 220V, rated frequency is 50Hz, and the rated working current models have different specifications such as 2.5A, 3a, 5A, 10a. Usually, there is a bracket after the rated load current figure of the domestic watt hour meter, and the number twice the rated current value is marked in the bracket, such as " 2.5(5)A" This shows that the 2.5A watt hour meter can withstand the working current of 5A and still ensure safe operation, but it cannot operate for a long time under such overload

according to the rated voltage and rated current introduced above, the formula p=ui can be used to calculate how much power the electric energy meter can bear. If the total power of household appliances is 1100W, 5A watt hour meter should be used first. Considering the overload capacity of watt hour meter and the fact that appliances are not used at the same time, 5A watt hour meter can generally be used for household appliances with a total power of about 2200W. However, if the home needs to install high-power electrical appliances that have been used for a long time, such as air conditioners, electric heating cements, etc., you must apply to the power supply department to replace the watt hour meter with a larger rated current [such as the one with a specification of " 10 (20) a"], otherwise the watt hour meter will be damaged or even cause a fire. In addition, special attention should be paid when using. Try not to use several high-power appliances at the same time, so as to avoid burning the fuse and damaging the watt hour meter

[what meaning does the symbol of the watt hour meter represent]

there are many symbols on the watt hour meter, including various physical symbols or some symbols about the information of the watt hour meter. Each symbol has its own special meaning. Next, we will popularize the meaning of these symbols for everyone

1. Gb/t17215-2002

the two letters of GB are “ National standard ” The acronym of "17215" represents that the meter has passed the national standard. 17215 is the production serial number of the meter, while 2002 represents the standard release date of the meter. 2002 represents that the meter was released in 2002

2. Zhejiang made 0000052

Zhejiang represents that this meter is produced in Zhejiang, and it also indicates that the production license of this meter is issued by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of technical supervision, and the following value is the serial number of the manufacturing license

3.1 or ①

1 represents that the accuracy of the electric energy meter is level 1, which describes the accuracy of the counting of the electric energy meter

4. Constant

constant is a special value used to describe the relationship between the reactive electric energy recorded by the instrument and the corresponding test output. If this value is the number of pulses, the constant describes the relevant count of the meter in terms of the number of pulses per kilovar hour (imp/kvarh) or the number of VaR hours per pulse (varh/imp)


220v means that the meter should be used in an electric environment with a voltage of 220V

6. B

b represents the working environment of the meter, such as temperature, humidity, smoke, insects and other environments. B represents the ability to adapt to these environments. Divided by adaptability, the adaptability of the meter can be divided into P, s, a and B, of which B has the strongest adaptability


represents the reference frequency of the electric energy meter, and 50Hz is the rated frequency when the electric energy meter is running

8. Mc

measurement approval mark, the C letter of the outer ring is “ China ” The letter M in the inner circle is “ Measuring instruments ” The English abbreviation of the inner circle is “ License ” English acronym of

conclusion: the above introduces the watt hour meter symbols, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up





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