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At present, furniture franchising agents are in full swing. With the market becoming younger and younger, young families are increasing rapidly, and the demand for furniture is also rising. However, investors who choose to be furniture franchise agents, in the face of many categories, how to choose? Next, we will make a brief analysis of the three major areas of finished furniture, customized furniture and whole house customization

finished furniture

with the majority of small houses now, the demand of young groups for the use of indoor space has increased, and the aesthetics of furniture has changed. Finished furniture is difficult to adapt to this situation. Nowadays, most of the finished furniture are high-end solid wood furniture, facing a niche market. As a furniture franchise agent, if you choose finished furniture, the market space will be relatively small

customized furniture

customized furniture is basically panel furniture, which is customized according to house type and personal preferences, and is widely favored by young consumers. After 11 years of hard work in the furniture industry, Deville focuses on customized furniture services. It has two modern industrial bases with an area of more than 100000 square meters, equipped with German heroic flow production equipment, and realizes the whole process of production without landing, laying a solid foundation for the process and quality of customized furniture

whole house customization

as an extension module of customized furniture, whole house customization has a broader market potential. With keen market insight, Deville made a comprehensive brand upgrade to its "Deville Wardrobe" at the beginning of the year, officially named "Deville whole house customization", which expanded the scope of services on the original basis and provided greater profit space for terminal stores. Looking at the market in 2016, a considerable number of major brands have begun to extend from the exclusive field to the whole house customization field. In the future, a more convenient one-stop home decoration service will be the market that the furniture industry and the real estate industry will strive to compete for. Investors who choose furniture franchise agents must not miss this opportunity

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