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Wangzhongwang water purifier is a rural model developed by our company, which basically meets the needs of solving rural water pollution and household water supply. In the past two years, it has gradually been recognized and accepted by most customers and end consumers

here is just a brief talk about what maintenance work our dealers need to arrange for consumers in the face of different terminal water quality after the sale of Jingda wangzhongwang water purifier to ensure our important commitments in the marketing process. The second and third stages of Jingda wangzhongwang water purifier are general cation resin and macroporous cation resin respectively. They are designed for high hardness and have a good adsorption effect on calcium and magnesium ions with high concentration in drinking water sources. The saturation time of ionic resin filter element is related to the hardness of local water quality and the size of drinking water. On the premise of neglecting the drinking water quantity, it is necessary to know the hardness of local water quality, especially local water quality

water hardness is expressed in millimoles per liter, and data are provided by local testing departments. In general, the hardness of water quality in urban areas is less than 8, that in suburban areas is 8-12, and that in remote rural areas is more than 12. Many times, the drinking water quality of customers with the strongest demand for water purification is often in places with high water hardness, which requires us to provide value-added services for Jingda products installed in places with high water hardness. Please pay attention to the following aspects

I. simple judgment of water quality hardness

can be judged by the number of tea rust. After the water is boiled, the water hardness is low if there is less tea rust, and the water hardness is high if there is more tea rust. Of course, professional measuring instruments and more standard drug testing can also be configured, which is not expensive and relatively simple

second, the regeneration method of resin filter element

the regeneration method of resin filter element is relatively simple. 1. Take 10 jin of purified water and eight liang of salt, that is, 8% of the salt concentration, and the effect of warm water is better; 2. Put the replaced filter element in salt water and shake it repeatedly for 15-20 minutes before taking it out; 3. Place it in the filter cartridge and rinse it for 5 minutes without starting the machine (only the first three levels are flushed)

III. regeneration interval of resin filter element

judged by the hardness of water quality, those with slight scale (less than 8 mmol) regenerate once a year, those with moderate scale (8-12 mmol) regenerate once a half year, and those with relatively large scale (more than 16 mmol) regenerate again in 2-3 months

IV. service life of ionic resin filter element

the service life of ionic resin filter element is generally 5-8 years, so repeated regeneration will not affect the quality of filter element

only when the resin filter element can ensure normal operation, the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane can be truly and effectively protected. The company requires that after Jingda Wang Zhongwang sells, the dealer friends must arrange the end customers to regenerate the resin filter element and replace the PP cotton filter element. Because only in this way can we ensure that our after-sales commitment at the terminal is true and effective. Thank you Jingda colleagues for your hard work in their respective markets. I hope you will do your best to serve and win a great reputation




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