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The pressure of social competition makes friends who are physically and mentally exhausted feel not so relaxed when eating. Experts have confirmed that color can not only affect the style of space, but also affect people's mood. The following is the restaurant color skills collected by Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network. Let's have a look


green is not only the color of nature, but also the representative of beautiful scenery. Designing the restaurant into crisp green can create a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere and bring a comfortable environment for dining. You can use more green and solid wood designs in the restaurant to simulate the space law atmosphere of nature


blue can remind people of the sea, blue sky and lake water, so designing blue in the restaurant space can bring a relaxed and pleasant space atmosphere to the home and make the dining environment more comfortable. Xiaobian reminded everyone that the practicality of blue should not be too heavy. Try to design light blue, especially matching blue and white


when people are in a comfortable and warm space, they will also have a happy feeling and relaxed mood, so designing the restaurant space as yellow can create a warm and safe space atmosphere. Zhengzhou decoration Xiaobian reminds everyone that the lightness of practical yellow should be high, and don't design it all into yellow, so that yellow is just an ornament of the restaurant space




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