Chinese mixed industrial decoration style

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The colorful furniture in the master bedroom meets the loft style with unique personality, and the exposed wall shows the freedom to break the shackles. The freedom of my bedroom is the ultimate suitable for sleeping. The two wardrobes also reflect the pragmatic aspect of strong storage, and the bathroom decoration is also the impact beauty of tradition and Modernity. The second bedroom passes through the corridor, passes by the bathroom, and comes to the main space of the bedroom. The clean walls, soft beds, spacious wardrobes, artistic floating windows, and naturally warm floors all convey a comfortable feeling. Coupled with a modern and convenient bathroom, you can have a good rest before you go to work. The multi-functional tatami in the guest bedroom not only has the rest function of the bedroom, but also creates the atmosphere of the literary study. The large window brings warm sunshine and the fragrance of books. Such a space seems to be more suitable for taking a nap and enjoying a comfortable weekend. Of course, it is also an excellent reception area for friends when they visit. The layout of the study is simple and clear. The bookcase is the heart, accounting for half of the country. It is loaded with books for people to read, and there are many ornaments, which show the owners' collection and taste. There are beautiful perspectives of artistic paintings and natural scenery in front of the desk, which can also relieve fatigue after work. The modern guest restaurant has a fashionable and concise painting style. The transparent pattern shows the spacious space of the guest restaurant. The high-end customized furniture shows the beauty of life in detail everywhere. The wine cabinet is fragrant, the porch cabinet is welcoming, the TV cabinet is lively, and everything is ready to wait for the host to go home. The U-shaped cabinet layout of the kitchen is centralized, which is more suitable for the turbulent cooking world. The lavatory basin is located in the middle, which can fully feel the sun and keep the kitchen dry. The cabinet contains kitchen utensils, tableware and electrical appliances. Everything needed is within the distance of one hand. A handy kitchen is a good kitchen





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