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Yulin Municipal Party Secretary investigated Guangxi Zhengtai printing and packaging group on the morning of April 9, Wang Kai, Secretary of Yulin Municipal Party committee, came to Guangxi Zhengtai printing and packaging group to investigate the development of non-public enterprises. Wang Kai stressed that non-public enterprises should further enhance brand awareness, improve product grade and market competitiveness, expand production scale, promote the development and growth of enterprises, and make new contributions to building Yulin into a national demonstration city for non-public economic development. Liyuzhen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and secretary general, accompanied the investigation

in the production area of Chint printing and packaging group, the sound of machines was booming, and the workers were carrying out production in an orderly manner. Wang Kai talked with the person in charge of the enterprise while walking, carefully inspected the production line, understood in detail the production process, the sales of products accounting for 41.6% of domestic BDO consumption in 2013, and carefully asked about the difficulties and problems existing in the development of the enterprise. Wang Kai was very pleased to learn that the enterprise had developed from a small manual workshop into a diversified industrial group covering printing, packaging and automobile parts production. He hoped that the enterprises would continue to strengthen their own advantages, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, extend the industrial chain, improve the scientific and technological content and added value of products, actively cooperate with large enterprises in supporting production and other aspects, vigorously expand the market, and constantly make the enterprises bigger and stronger

Wang Kai pointed out that China and Mongolia have established a comprehensive strategic partnership. For a long time, non-public enterprises have made positive contributions to Yulin's economic and social development. Yulin's non-public economy has a foundation, atmosphere and conditions. We should speed up the development of non-public economy. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach importance to the development of non-public economy and propose to build Yulin into a national demonstration city for non-public economic development. To achieve this goal, it is inseparable from the support of a large number of non-public enterprises such as Chint printing and packaging group

Wang Kai stressed that non-public enterprises should seriously grasp the development law of the industry, do a good job in their main business, and give full play to their demonstration and driving role. We should be market-oriented, strengthen scientific and technological research and development, improve our ability of independent innovation, actively develop new page products with satisfactory conditions, and strive to build our own brand. We should speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the upgrading of production technology and equipment, promote the scale and grade of enterprises, enhance the vitality of enterprises and expand the influence of the industry. We should attach importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents, innovate mechanisms and optimize the environment to retain talents and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. All relevant departments at all levels should give full support to the development of non-public enterprises, enhance service awareness, strengthen communication, take the initiative to understand the production and operation status of enterprises, actively help solve difficulties and problems, and create a good environment for the development of enterprises

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