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The construction of Yunnan Dulong River to Tibet highway is 27.54 kilometers long. The construction of Yunnan Dulong River to Tibet highway is 27.54 kilometers long

recently, the construction of the Tibet highway from xiongdang village, dizhengdang village, Dulongjiang Township, Gongshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County to dibri, the border between Yunnan and Tibet, has officially started, marking the official commencement of the construction of the second passage from Gongshan County to Tibet after the Bingcha highway, and a new passage from Yunnan to Tibet will be added

xiongdang dibui highway is an important part of the Dulongjiang Township Tibet Ridong highway. The planned total length of the route is 27.5 kilometers. In October, 818 extruders will be exported for 4 kilometers. It has been newly built according to the recognized road standard according to the importance of class IV Highway. When the time comes to 2018, the subgrade is 5.5 meters wide, passing lanes are set according to the specification requirements, the design speed is 20 kilometers per hour, and the pavement is designed as asphalt concrete pavement. It is understood that Dulong River Tibet highway will be constructed by stages. The bidding mileage of phase I project is 10 km. Sichuan Hongye Construction Co., Ltd. won the bid to undertake the construction. The estimated investment is 17.877 million yuan, and the planned construction period is 12 months

the construction of this road has far-reaching significance in promoting the formation of Bangladesh China India Myanmar economic corridor, political, economic and ethnic cultural exchanges between Yunnan and Tibet, and promoting the economic and social development of border areas

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