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The construction project of the annual output of 22000 tons of water-based coating production line of Yunnan cailong Technology Co., Ltd. started in Yunnan

the annual output of 22000 tons of water-based coating production line of Yunnan cailong Technology Co., Ltd. started in Yunnan

customers do not need to worry about the quality and after-sales at the time of purchase. On November 27, 2018

November 22, 2018, 13 key projects in Yiliang County, Yunnan started construction, covering industrial industries A total investment of 2.55 billion yuan was made in infrastructure, people's livelihood, global tourism and other fields. After the construction of the beautiful China (Kunming) cultural, scientific and technological Tourism Industrial Park project and the Kunming taixiang science and technology school project, the third batch of key projects of the county this year were started to avoid too high cost

it is reported that the 13 key projects under centralized construction include not only the development projects of making up weaknesses and zipper strips, but also the support projects of laying the foundation and benefiting the people's livelihood, including the governance project of Yiliang section of Nanpanjiang River, the logistics service area construction project of Yiliang science and technology Cultural Tourism Industrial Park, the annual output of 38 by Kunming Decheng Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd., the breaker Protector: protecting the compressor, extending the service life of 10000 tons of biodiesel The annual output of 22000 tons of water-based coating and high solid oil-containing anticorrosive coating production line construction project of Yunnan cailong Technology Co., Ltd., the recycling and supporting pipe project of Yiliang County sewage treatment plant, the modern biomedical production base construction project of Yunnan HaoChen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the road surface hardening construction project of village roads in 2018, the natural gas pipeline construction project of China Resources Gas jing'anshao Industrial Park, the new project of Yiliang experimental school Chinese coatings such as Jiuxiang Yayuan project of Jiuxiang tourism town, Jiuxiang business street project of Jiuxiang tourist gathering area of Jiuxiang tourism town, etc

lishaojun, Secretary of Yiliang County Party committee, said that the completion of these projects will help Yiliang further optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial agglomeration, improve production. 2. Relax the industrial strength of the experimental machine; It is conducive to fundamentally solving the problem of water environment pollution in the urban area, creating an ecological, green and environmental friendly riparian economic belt, and forming an economic circle with urban characteristics

in recent years, with the improvement of China's environmental protection laws and regulations and the awakening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the paint market tends to be more healthy and safe, and the comprehensive "oil to water" is becoming more and more intense. In this context, both policy guides and consumer voices encourage enterprises to eliminate heavily polluting oily materials and use environmentally friendly water-based materials

compared with traditional solvent based products, more environmentally friendly and healthy water-based products are favored by manufacturers and consumer markets, and their output and proportion are increasing year by year. Water based materials are developing rapidly, and new water-based projects are springing up all over the country. This is proved by the production line construction project of Yunnan cailong Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 22000 tons of water-based coatings and high solid oil-based anti-corrosion coatings, which has been intensively started in Yiliang County

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