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Yunchen Futures: Shanghai Rubber Co., Ltd. increased its position by a large margin, and the differences widened

analysis: the Japan rubber trade association said on Friday that as of June 20, the raw rubber inventory in the Japanese warehouse had dropped by 11% compared with that on June 10, so that it would take the lead in the market for Ron Knapp, Secretary General of the International Aluminum Association for low precision, to visit the innovation group to 9510 tons; A year-on-year decrease of 40%. Because the abnormal weather this year affected the rubber cutting, it is expected that the output of Thailand will decline, which provides support for the rubber price. Thai exporters and traders have said that they expect that the recycling rate of waste plastics in China this year is not high, and the rubber output is about 2.8 ~ 2.9 million tons, and the government estimates that the output is 3.07 million tons. But the weather conditions have improved recently. A trader in Thailand's Heai rubber central market said that the rainfall in Thailand has stopped and the production is expected to return to normal level by the end of July. Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and went high today. In the morning, it increased its position and went down, and in the afternoon, it made a strong upward attack. Fundamentals, the price rise of energy represented by crude oil will continue to be inflation for a long time. But at the same time, the weakness of the surrounding financial markets has also exacerbated investors' concerns about the macro-economy. The large economic situation has a negative impact on rubber consumption. Technically, after the decline of Jiao 28000, the downward momentum was significantly reduced. The main contract ru0809 increased its position by more than 26000 hands, and the market had great differences on the future market. Operation, the recent volatility of the market has been significantly enlarged, the main contract has not returned to 28000 before the bearish thinking, and the profit short orders in the middle line are held carefully

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