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Yunnan Province has made every effort to create a new chapter in the "fourteenth five year plan" for investment attraction. Release date: Source: International Business Daily recently, it was learned from the Yunnan provincial government that Yunnan Province will effectively increase the investment attraction of the real economy and strategic emerging industries, seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, strive to promote the high-quality development of investment attraction, and comprehensively grasp the innovation of mechanisms, policies, platforms and measures, We will increase investment attraction for the real economy and strategic emerging industries, actively expand the use of foreign capital, promote the high-quality development of investment attraction although the initial cost is slightly low, and strive to build Yunnan into a strategic link between the domestic market and the international markets in South and Southeast Asia, and an important support for the "big cycle and double cycle"

it is reported that during the "14th five year plan" period, Yunnan Province will focus on building a world-class "three cards" to carry out investment attraction. In order to promote the deepening, refinement and growth of the "three cards", the investment attraction work of Yunnan Province will be carried out closely with the "in-depth development, creating high-quality products and forging long plates"

in terms of "green energy brand", focusing on building "China Aluminum Valley", in accordance with the development direction of "lightweight, intelligent and high-end", vigorously introduce advantageous enterprises in the fields of aluminum alloy material design, processing, manufacturing and application, introduce first-class R & D institutions, and build a national green aluminum technology innovation center. Focusing on building a "global photovoltaic silicon valley", vigorously introduce the upstream and downstream industries of silicon photovoltaic, accelerate the formation of the whole industry chain, and actively develop the silicon electronics industry such as electronic grade crystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon, and the organic silicon industry with downstream applications such as automobile and food processing as the core; Introduce photovoltaic power station development enterprises and expand photovoltaic power generation

"green food brand" focuses on solving the prominent contradictions such as the low proportion of agricultural product processing output value in agricultural output value and the small number of national agricultural leading enterprises, accelerating the promotion of facilities, organicization and digitalization, accelerating the development of primary processing enterprises of cleaning, drying, grading and packaging agricultural products, focusing on introducing global intensive processing enterprises of agricultural products, and creating professional materials, processing and transformation, modern logistics The green food industry cluster integrated with convenient marketing has improved the level of green food product brand premium, planning premium and science and technology premium

"healthy life destination" focuses on the international health tourism demonstration zone, creates a national health tourism demonstration base, creates a provincial health industry demonstration zone, plans a number of driving and supporting projects, continues to carry out accurate investment attraction, and attracts well-known health tourism enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the construction of mid level hotels, rural complexes, cultural and tourism complexes, health tourism complexes, and boutique hotels, Introduce a number of tourism and cultural projects, such as ecological health, outdoor sports, scientific research and research, rural tourism and border cross-border tourism, and strive to build a new model for the development of tourism and cultural industry in the whole region

Yunnan Province will focus on the development and expansion of pillar industries, cultivate new industries to attract investment, focus on the improvement, transformation and upgrading of traditional pillar industries, attract a number of enterprises and projects that strengthen, supplement and extend the chain, and reshape the new advantages of pillar industries

vigorously develop the import substitution of key metals such as germanium, gallium and indium, take the initiative to undertake relevant supporting industries, quickly introduce a number of rare and precious metal production enterprises, build an advanced non-ferrous metal material industry cluster, and promote the formation of a good industrial ecology with optimized allocation of factors and highly supporting industrial chains

focus on cultivating and expanding new materials, causing equipment lines to burn out materials, biomedicine, modern logistics and other emerging industries, introduce enterprises with resources, exchange markets for industries, and attract first-class enterprises to invest in Yunnan

in terms of new materials, focusing on the demand for advanced materials in industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, green, low-carbon and environmental protection, new energy and its application, and new generation information technology, we will focus on introducing leading enterprises in advanced optoelectronic microelectronics, advanced non-ferrous metals, green new energy, precious metals, rare earths, high-performance fibers and their composites, so as to promote the new materials industry to move forward to the high end

in the area of biomedicine, we will focus on introducing enterprises in the fields of modern Chinese medicine, biopharmaceutical, chemical pharmaceutical, and a number of advanced vaccine R & D and manufacturing enterprises

in terms of modern logistics, efforts should be made to manually coordinate with the horizontal bubble (instrument) to roughly adjust the level of other products, and introduce a number of well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad, such as smart logistics, cross-border logistics, cold chain logistics, aviation logistics, etc., to develop

accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g network and data center, and introduce upstream and downstream enterprises around 5g industrial chain, especially 5g intelligent terminal enterprises and IOT enterprises. Introduce data collection and storage enterprises and accelerate the construction of a personalized, customized and third-party green data center

vigorously develop the electronic information industry, take the initiative to undertake the transfer of electronic information manufacturing industry in the Middle East, and introduce and develop production enterprises and projects such as integrated circuits and discrete devices, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence and new intelligent hardware

vigorously develop new business forms of digital economy, insist on introducing enterprises with resources, changing industries with markets, and promoting development with applications, attract first-class enterprises to Yunnan to promote the application of digital technology and new business forms that can meet the requirements of simulation teaching simply by installing computers with LabVIEW, and build digital economy into a powerful engine leading the high-quality development of Yunnan economy

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