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Meter wave radar the golden eye stealth aircraft has nowhere to hide

jy-26 phased array meter wave radar

① meter wave sparse array integrated pulse aperture radar

② meter wave sparse array integrated pulse aperture radar

③ the era of fixed meter wave anti stealth radar

stealth aircraft rampaging may be gone forever! Recently, Wu Jianqi, chief scientist of CETC and chief engineer of anti stealth radar, said in a CCTV program that China is currently the only country with anti stealth advanced meter wave radar. Wang Qing, the general representative of a military representative office of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, also pointed out that the successful development of the meter wave three-dimensional radar filled the gap of China's anti stealth radar and reached the leading level of similar products in the world

then, how does meter wave radar make stealth aircraft invisible? Why is China's advanced meter wave radar the only one in the world? Science and technology specially interviewed Professor Wang Qun, a national defense science and technology strategic research think tank at the University of defense technology

great potential, innate anti stealth advantages

"meter wave radar refers to a long wave radar with a working wavelength of 1 to 10 meters and a working frequency band of 30 to 300 MHz. Most of the traditional meter wave radars are two coordinates, and most of them use the old-fashioned Yagi or rectangular parabolic antenna." Wang Qun introduction. The traditional meter wave radar has large volume and weight, poor resolution, low detection accuracy, limited target recognition ability, and is greatly affected by the ground reflected wave, which seriously overlaps with civil signals, resulting in its weak low altitude detection ability, discontinuous coverage of airspace, insufficient anti-jamming ability, and poor position adaptability. Therefore, although meter wave radar once occupied the mainstream before and after World War II, microwave radar gradually replaced meter wave radar as the backbone radar with its high precision and better anti-jamming ability

however, the emergence of stealth aircraft makes the mainstream radar in air defense completely useless. This embarrassing situation was not alleviated until the Kosovo war in 1999, when the U.S. F-117 stealth bomber was successfully detected and shot down. Many data show that the Russian made P-18 meter wave radar after digital processing and solid-state upgrading played a key role in the process of finding and shooting down F-117. This battle case also prompted meter wave radar to re-enter the field of vision of radar experts

"generally speaking, the radar stealth of the existing stealth fighters is mainly concentrated in the front and abdomen of the fighters, and the stealth electromagnetic band is mostly in the frequency range of 0.3 to 29 gigahertz. Basically, it can only deal with a micro-1 red" skin "6-axis robot that is mainly located on the ground and the sea, and the transmitter and receiver are all in the same place. It officially appeared in Nangang (single station) Radar - they are most used in military affairs and pose the greatest threat to penetration fighters. Obviously, the meter wave radar just avoids the stealth band of stealth fighters, which is the main reason why it detects stealth fighters. " Wang Qun pointed out that compared with radars with higher working frequency, especially microwave radars, one of the inherent advantages of meter wave radars is that they can detect stealth targets such as stealth fighters. Wu Jianqi once said that from the perspective of anti stealth, meter wave radar has great potential. As long as it overcomes its defects, it will become a national priority

complex technology Russia has the most profound accumulation

"the new meter wave radar technology is complex, has high requirements for electronic devices, and is difficult to design and manufacture, which is far from being mastered by ordinary countries." Wang Qun introduced that the meter wave synthetic pulse aperture radar (RIAS) of France, the meter wave circular array radar (Melissa) of Germany, and the "East" -e and "sky" -y radars of Russia are all representative meter wave three-dimensional radars with good performance. Among them, Russia has the thickest accumulation

the Soviet Union/Russia is an early country to equip and use meter wave radar, and has accumulated rich experience in the development and use of meter wave radar. In particular, after the U.S. military developed and equipped stealth bombers, the Soviet Union began to seek meter wave three-dimensional radar with better height measurement ability, thus developing a series of later new three-dimensional radars, which were named "sky". "Sky" series radars are now an important part of Russia's air defense detection system

in 2016, in order to fight against American stealth fighters, Russia equipped the Western military region with anti stealth radar - "sky" - y meter wave radar. The "sky" -y radar adopts the mobile meter wave three coordinate scheme and has the functions of ranging and height measurement. It can not only provide height information independently, but also measure speed and improve the accuracy of azimuth and angle measurement, effectively solving the problem of low elevation height measurement. It can track various air targets, including aircraft, cruise missiles, and even find small hypersonic ballistic missiles and small stealth aircraft at a distance of 600 kilometers

"these meter wave radars have strong signal processing ability. They not only have long detection distance, large detection range, high detection accuracy and strong anti-jamming ability, but also have greatly improved low altitude detection performance and enhanced battlefield adaptability. They can basically integrate functions such as search, tracking and guidance, and have their 'excellence' in detecting high-speed, highly mobile stealth fighters." Wang Qun said

three coordinate system is more accurate. China may catch up with the latter.

"if the meter wave radar can't break through the technical bottleneck and achieve three-dimensional positioning, it can't shoulder the heavy responsibility. In fact, the advanced meter wave radar mentioned by chief engineer Wu Jianqi refers to the meter wave three-dimensional radar launched by China." Wang Qun said

Wang Qun pointed out: "From all kinds of data, the Russian 'sky' series radar can not be regarded as a modern three-dimensional radar in the true sense. It is equivalent to two groups of antennas, one for ranging and azimuth measurement, and the other for height measurement. This is like adding a separate height measurement radar to the traditional two-dimensional radar. The reason why China is called 'the only country with anti stealth advanced meter wave radar' is that it can use a group of antennas Solve the problem that the traditional meter wave radar cannot measure the height, and realize the accurate positioning and tracking of three coordinates. Of course, it cannot be concluded from this that our meter wave three-dimensional radar is more advanced and accurate than that of Russia. After all, the data of both sides are confidential. However, from the perspective of technical means, China's may be more advanced. "

China's advanced meter wave radar adopts advanced technologies such as active phased array, multiple input and multiple output, sparse matrix and super resolution proposed by Huang Maosong, a senior consultant of China Polyurethane Industry Association, which expands the type, effectively reduces the volume and weight, reduces the loss, improves the sensitivity, expands the coverage airspace, strengthens the height measurement, and greatly optimizes the detection level and electronic countermeasure capability

although meter wave radar is likely to become the backbone radar in air defense radar and play a backbone role in countering stealth fighters, it is not to say that there are no weaknesses. As Wu Jianqi said, when formulating the budget for 2018, the U.S. Navy allocated a special fund of $2billion to increase the counter capability of anti advanced meter wave radar among new jammers, which is mainly aimed at China's advanced meter wave radar. "In the past, the United States believed that the meter wave radar would not pose a threat, but now it has considered that it poses a threat to stealth aircraft. At present, the measurement and control system of most pull aircraft in the market adopts an 8-bit single chip microcomputer to control the threat. In actual combat, the opponent can still find and destroy the meter wave radar in advance, and kill the opponent's meter wave radar before the war. However, at present, the meter wave three-dimensional radar, including China and Russia, has achieved mobile deployment , which also brings difficulties to the early destruction. The classification according to varieties is relatively complex. Therefore, the most effective method at present may be jamming, which makes meter wave radar unable to be used effectively. " Wang Qun said

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