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Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange: methanol futures are expected to be listed within the year

after lead and coke, methanol is expected to become another futures product launched this year. At the "6th China (Beijing) futures and derivatives market forum" held on the 14th, wangchende, director of the research and Development Department of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, said that methanol futures had passed the approval of the CSRC this year and was currently in the stage of soliciting opinions from other ministries and commissions, hoping to be listed as soon as possible

wangchende said that the development trend of auto parts, methanol futures in general, the zhs-ydlj120 container bag lifting and pulling experimental machine has two kinds of experiments: manual and automatic 9 Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; The proportion of functional low margin is 6%, and the delivery month is 30%. "The position limit system of methanol futures is membership type, which is the position limit of 100000 hands. For non futures company member customers, it is absolutely necessary to limit positions. Generally, the month is 1000 hands, that is, 50000 tons, and the month before delivery is 15000 tons. It should be said that 5000 tons can meet the needs of methanol enterprises."

wangchende said that the delivery grade of methanol futures is national standard premium products, and the delivery method is the way of warehouse plus factory warehouse, and the warehouse is mainly the way of delivery. "The factory warehouse is to designate some enterprises with good production conditions in Shandong and Henan Province to carry out in the form of factory warehouse and warehouse, mainly considering the convenience of local investors, and the overcapacity of methanol. We are also worried that if there is a low warehouse in the future, the factory warehouse can adjust the permeability of the safety valve, which is the role of gas in a certain climate."

when talking about the future listing plan of Zheng Shangsuo's new varieties, Wang Chende said, "After methanol, ethylene glycol is very likely, because ethylene glycol is a sister variety of PTA. If PTA is' flour ', then ethylene glycol is' water'. After mixing this flour and water, it can be made into ramen. In the future, our exchange also wants to further expand in the field of energy and chemical industry, and steam coal has also invested considerable energy, but there may also be a problem of the timing of listing."

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