The hottest methanol futures were officially trade

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Methanol futures were officially traded in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

methanol futures were officially traded in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange today. The Inner Mongolia Petrochemical Association and Dahua Futures Co., Ltd. held a senior seminar on methanol futures in Hohhot last Sunday, which attracted representatives of more than 30 methanol manufacturers and downstream enterprises from all over Inner Mongolia. Delegates believed that methanol production, processing and trading enterprises can carry out hedging transactions through the methanol futures platform, which can effectively avoid the risk of spot price changes, lock in costs and profits, and achieve the steady development of enterprises and even the industry. At the same time, experts at the meeting pointed out that relying on China's methanol production and consumption strength, China's influence on global methanol pricing can be expanded through the methanol futures market, which will help China compete for the international pricing power of methanol. The supervision and inspection were carried out around primary and secondary school textbooks, children's publications, publications on major topics, food packaging and decoration prints and other published and printed products of social concern. The picture is the scene of the seminar

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