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Metcalfe provides lighting snack choices for the new year

January is usually the time to watch your waistline, but people who like snacks can be happy in the new year and realize that the calorie count doesn't have to be miserable! If you are looking for a more relaxed way to celebrate the calm after the festival, Metcalf's team will provide you with all the answers. Enjoy everything from popcorn, rice cakes to cornflakes, all of which have less than 100 calories


the perfectionist popcorn merchant of Metcalfe decided to eliminate snacks by adding a little joy to popcorn. Jumbles lightens the mild mouth through the 80 kcal Eton MES taste per meal, even after repeated heating and cooling chewing, mixing delicious freeze-dried strawberry slices and crisp crispy shells with strawberry coated popcorn. Delicious


award winning popcorn lovers are still using popcorn to make popcorn. A survey report shows that the current product range is only made of the best butterfly popcorn. You can choose from cinema sweet and Haiyan charity popcorn. The donations are worth it and spread a smile. In addition, met is the lifeline and super binding condition for the development of plastic processing industry. Calfe's own invention sweet'n salt is below 96 calories per serving, and saturated fat is reduced by 30% *


if you think Metcalf's only popcorn - think again! Metcalfe's offers you the perfect popcorn to choose from. Delicious sour cream&chive, sizzlin'bbq and Nacho cheese products are lower than 89. The wood plastic industry has been included in the national key support emerging industry card, and the fat is 62% less than the standard potato chips, which makes it an ideal choice for the new year

New Year cake

those who eat sweets can try Metcalf's delicious new year cake and sprinkle it with delicious toppings. Cake is a perfect combination of whole wheat and white rice, with the following flavors: white chocolate (80 calories per share), milk chocolate (81 calories per share), dark chocolate (79 calories per share), yogurt (80 calories per share) and Dark Chocolate Orange (79 calories per share)

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