The hottest methanol futures contract in the world

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The world's first methanol futures contract was successfully listed

the world's first methanol futures contract was successfully listed

November 2, 2011

the picture on the left shows Jiang Yang (first from the left), member of the party Committee and assistant chairman of the CSRC, Li Ke (second from the left), member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, Li Shousheng (third from the left), executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and others attended the methanol futures contract listing ceremony

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[China paint information] the methanol futures contract, which has attracted much attention of the industry, was successfully listed and traded in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on October 28. This is the world's first methanol futures contract, which provides a good opportunity for China's methanol industry to enhance international pricing power. On the first day of trading, the whole line opened higher, with a range of more than 100 points. The total trading volume of eight methanol contracts has exceeded 5680. Industry experts agreed that the futures trading will become the wind vane of China's methanol price, and its successful listing will promote more chemical products to enter the futures market

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of methanol. At present, the production capacity, output and consumption of methanol rank first in the world. According to statistics, the output of methanol in 2010 reached 15.75 million tons, accounting for more than 30% of the world; The apparent consumption reached 20.93 million tons, accounting for more than 40% of the world

industry experts pointed out that China has a large number of downstream enterprises with methanol as the basic raw material and a wide range of products. In recent years, affected by the rise of international crude oil prices, domestic coal prices have risen, raising the production cost of methanol; At the same time, the low-cost methanol with natural gas as raw material in the Middle East also has an impact on China's market. The price fluctuation of methanol has been sharp, and the standard is strong, and the losses of enterprises continue to be serious. Relevant production exhibitions have been successfully held for 15 times since 1990. Consumption and trade enterprises are always facing great business risks, and they urgently need to use the futures trading function to achieve the goal of stabilizing production and ensuring earnings

Li Shousheng, executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said: "The introduction of methanol futures by Zheng Shangsuo is of great and far-reaching significance to promoting the development of China's petrochemical industry and the construction of market system, enhancing China's pricing voice in the international petrochemical market, and has a high demonstration effect on the entire petroleum and chemical industry. It not only adds a new investment variety to the commodity industry, but also provides the petrochemical industry with the main reason for this phenomenon, which is the current lack of domestic sealing machine industry Less professional packaging technology and talents, a combination point of risk management. "

Henan is currently the province with the largest methanol production capacity in China. Zhongyuan Dahua, a subsidiary of Henan coal chemical group, has been approved as the designated delivery plant warehouse for methanol. At the same time, the designated delivery plants and warehouses approved include Yankuang coal chemical supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. and Xinneng Phoenix (Tengzhou) energy Co., Ltd; The designated delivery warehouses include Taicang Yanghong Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Changshu Huihai chemical storage Co., Ltd., Nantong Qianhong Petrochemical port storage Co., Ltd., Nantong Chenghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Donghua energy storage Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Huaxi Chemical Wharf Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Haiqi chemical storage Co., Ltd. at present, the cost of vanadium batteries is much higher than that of lead-acid/lead-carbon batteries, lithium batteries, zinc bromide and other energy storage batteries Jiangsu Jinxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The above designated delivery warehouses and warehouses began to accept delivery forecasts and warehouse receipt registration applications from January 1, 2012

it is noteworthy that the methanol futures of Zhengshang exchange adopts the delivery method of "standard warehouse receipt designated delivery warehouse + factory warehouse", which is a reform and innovation in the history of futures. In addition, methanol futures is also the first dangerous chemicals futures variety in the National Futures market, which will accumulate experience for exploring more chemical products futures trading

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