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At the 2011 China methanol industry conference held in Suzhou from March 29 to 30, Li Shousheng, executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and chairman of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the development of the methanol industry is in a critical period. In order to solve the current difficulties and contradictions, efforts should be made to curb the blind development of production capacity, improve the level of technology and energy conservation and consumption reduction, strengthen technological innovation, and speed up the demonstration of methanol to olefins

in 2010, China ranked first in the world in terms of methanol production capacity, output and consumption, and became the largest methanol producer and consumer in the world. However, the healthy and sustainable development of the industry is plagued by factors such as serious overcapacity, a large number of foreign methanol imports, and rising raw material prices

in the past two years, insufficient operating rate, continuous release of new production capacity, coupled with a large number of foreign methanol imports, rising labor costs and raw material prices, focusing on the preparation and compounding technology of high-purity electrolyte, high specific volume electrode and high-temperature diaphragm preparation technology have made it difficult for methanol enterprises to survive. In this regard, Li Shousheng said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the methanol industry should first improve energy conversion efficiency, optimize industrial layout, and tighten access conditions to strengthen the guidance of industrial development. We should strictly examine and approve new projects and curb blind construction. By replacing backward production capacity with advanced production capacity, we can achieve the total balance and reasonable adjustment of industrial layout. Secondly, we should strengthen the key and cutting-edge technology research of methanol production, increase the development and application of core technology and equipment, and promote the localization of large-scale methanol plants of more than one million tons. Thirdly, we should strengthen the improvement and evaluation of the methanol to olefin demonstration project, appropriately promote the mature polyolefin pof5 layer coextrusion double-sided tensile heat shrinkable film technology developed by Shandong Taikang degradation packaging materials Co., Ltd., and conduct technical, economic and environmental evaluation on the demonstration (pilot) projects such as methanol to olefin, methanol gasoline, methanol fuel, etc. 2. The power system adopts Panasonic exchange servo machinery and electrical equipment in Japan, such as paper packaging, paperboard The growth trend and summary of aluminum foil and other markets, improve relevant standards, and make the downstream application and development of methanol advance steadily, orderly and healthily. Finally, we should attach great importance to the construction of independent innovation system and strengthen the ability of technological innovation

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