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Metalcraft launched a destructible RFID tag for windshield

metalcraft announced that it can supply destructible RFID tags for windshield This kind of tag has large reading interval and low cost, and is used for automatic vehicle tracking and access control

the windshield can be damaged and the RFID tag is durable, but it can't be used again after being pasted and removed Its price is the same as that of Met's alcraft company's standard windshield RFID tag since 2013

steve Doerfler, President of metalcraft, said, "our windshield uses destructive RFID tags, which are very suitable for communities with gates, parking lots with safety management and other places that need property protection and identification." Metalcraft 4 of scale × The RFID label of 1-inch windshield is pasted inside or outside the glass The tag using passive KSW microtec windshield RFID chip has a working interval of more than 18 feet, which does not require foam material support like other windshield tags Cracks are added near this destructible label. If someone wants to remove it from the windshield, the chip will be damaged

metalcraft's method is to wrap the chip between two thin layers of polypropylene, add barcode and human readable information on one side, and apply adhesive suitable for windshield on the other side The whole standard system of this packer includes three levels of standards: the first level is the general/basic standard, which can protect the chip, reduce the sound of electrostatic discharge, and the adhesive can prevent ultraviolet damage Doerfler said, "metalcraft inherits its commitment to developing high-value RFID products. It uses advanced printing and packaging technology to produce interesting and durable labels. It uses passive RFID chips, with small investment and large working intervals." In the existing experimental machine parts design manual

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