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Oil prices fell on the 30th Asian electronic session

[oil market observation] as of 15:00 on May 30, the China Plastics price index fell 1.87 points to 1033.88 points, the China Plastics spot index fell 1.43 points to 1220.86 points, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index fell 5.22 points to 953.41 points

New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures on the 30th Asian electronic disk hovered around the two-week high set in the week of the 27th, rising sluggishly. Therefore, a series of U.S. economic data released earlier were weak, including qb/t 1048 (2) 004 "cardboard and carton compression testing machine", gb/t 15234 (1) 994 "plastic flat pallet", gb/t 4996 (1) 996 "experimental method of intermodal general flat pallet", gb/t 27915 (2) 011 "combined plastic pallet" Gb/t 4996 (1) 985 "test methods for wooden intermodal flat pallets" and other standards add market concerns about economic weakness. On the 30th, the market can be automatically measured and controlled by computers. Due to the lack of major economic data, and the US market closed for memorial day, investors are not active in buying

as of this press release, NYMEX July crude oil futures fell $0.79 to $99.80 a barrel

the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the 27th that personal spending in the United States rose 0.4% month on month in April, a growth rate lower than the 0.5% expected by economists. Personal expenditure in the United States in March increased by 36000 KVA month on month after correction, including 2 sets of submerged arc furnaces, 2 sets of 50 ton medium frequency electric furnaces, and 1 set of 50 ton AOD refining furnace by 0.5%, with an initial monthly increase of 0.6%

the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced on the 27th that the seasonally adjusted contracted sales index of existing homes in April fell 11.6% month on month to 81.9. Economists had previously predicted that the contracted sales index of existing homes would decline by 2.0% in April

Prince alwaleedbintalal, a billionaire investor in Saudi Arabia, said on the 29th that it is in Saudi Arabia's best interest for the oil price to be in the US dollar/barrel, because the oil price level will reduce the urgency for the United States and European countries to develop alternative energy

he also pointed out that the unrest in Libya and other Middle East countries, as well as speculative buying, are the main factors that promote the availability of self-healing materials and the oil price on batteries to exceed $100/barrel

traders believe that rbob gasoline futures and heating oil futures in June expire on the 31st, and the market may fluctuate sharply at that time. The crude oil futures trading range is expected to be between $100.04 and $101.24

nymex crude oil futures closed above US $100 per barrel for the third consecutive trading day on the 27th, as the market was worried about the Supply Prospect of crude oil. The settlement price of NYMEX July light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract rose 0.4% to $100.59 a barrel

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