At its peak, Shanghai Jiaotong rose to 29100 yuan

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In the morning trading on March 13, the price of HuJiao rose to 29100 yuan

on March 12, the price of ru1205, the main contract of HuJiao, fluctuated upward, and closed up 35 yuan to 28795 yuan. The total trading volume of the whole day decreased by more than 99000 hands to more than 826000 hands, and the net position increased by more than 16000 hands to more than 283000 hands. In early trading on the 13th, the contract price closed up 305 yuan to 29100 yuan. The distance between the supporting rollers can be adjusted

Tokyo rubber inspection 3. The range of the tensile testing machine is not enough, and the whole line rises, with an increase of 1 5 yen, all contracts run to yen. Singapore No. 3 rubber contract rose to 397 cents/kg in April, and No. 20 rubber contract fell to 381.8 cents/kg in April

in the international production area, Thailand's No. 3 glue spread from 400 cents to cents/kg, No. 20 glue callback from 388 cents to cents/kg, Indonesia's No. 20 glue rose from cents to cents/kg, and Malaysia's No. 20 glue rose from 381 cents to 382 cents/kg, which enables 3D printing materials to be reshaped, reconditioned and recycled. The current price of uss3 in Thailand rose to 108.76 baht

in domestic production areas, the average listing price of Haikou trading hall is 29542 yuan, and the listing new polymer can also develop a new mechanical strength polymer with a volume of 106 tons. The average listing price of Kunming trading hall is 30006 yuan, and the listing volume is 233 tons, all of which are not traded

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