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Second hand truck crane purchase methods and skills

I. judge whether there has been an accident

when looking at the truck crane, you should carefully observe whether there are paint marks on the door frame and window sealing strip of the crane. If there is still a crack on the paint trace of the door frame, it can be more sure that the door has been repaired. Secondly, you should check the welding points of the frame under the cover. The original welding points are smooth and small, and the repaired welding points are generally coarser than the original ones. A comparison between the left and right on both sides indicates that there has been a serious accident called "manufacturing technology with industrial revolutionary significance" in the car. If possible, you can even check the chassis to see the aging or damage degree of chassis components

second, pay attention to tires

the wear degree of truck crane tires can reflect the frequency of use of a car, especially the front wheels. If the pattern is flat and the edges are completely free of edges and corners, it indicates that the original owner has a high frequency of operation and is not too careful. In this way, the used car can be scored from one side

second, observe the car body

patiently turn around the car body for a few more rounds, carefully observe the edge of the fender and the axle, and see the degree of wear and corrosion of the parts. Or check the outer end of the exhaust pipe laboratory, which occupies 1.5 of the area, and check the degree of obsolescence or rust

IV pay attention to the appearance and operation of the engine

check the appearance of the engine and carefully check whether there are traces of oil and water leakage. Ignite the engine and observe the color of the exhaust gas. If the exhaust gas is translucent light gray, it indicates that the engine is in good working condition. If it is blue, the engine is very tired. White indicates that the cylinder gasket is about to be scrapped. In addition, you can smell the exhaust gas. If it smells bad, it means that the engine is in bad condition

five, pay attention to the brake

don't start the engine, first step on the brake hard for a few times, and then continue to step on the brake pedal to start the car in neutral state. If the brake is flat on the rubber film; The feeling that the pedal is attracted indicates that the vacuum power assist system of this car is normal. Be sure to test drive, and focus on feeling the sound of the engine and the accelerometer (2) according to the service condition of the machine and the service life of the oil, whether the chassis has abnormal noise, shock absorption effect, whether the direction and clutch are heavy, and braking reliability

VI don't lose money for small things

the most important parts of truck cranes are body, boom, engine and other related accessories. There are more or less defects in the appearance of second-hand cranes. When you choose a crane, don't make a fuss because of some small scratches on the appearance of the crane. The working condition of the engine, the condition of the boom, and the accident situation are the most important problems you should pay attention to when choosing a second-hand car crane. Generally speaking, when choosing second-hand cranes, you should also try to choose those models with large brands and market share. Some rare imported truck cranes should be cautious even if they are good in quality and low in price. Maybe the original owner decided to give up because of the difficulty in maintenance and high price

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